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  1. Msp Extractor in V19 runs perfect with all office 2003 update.exe files.. You are the best VC++ coder in the world :prop:
  2. Thank you for the Fix. But the problem does not only exist in KB2553111 file. It exists in all KBxxxxxxx.exe these type files in the picture. I put KB2553111 as an EXAMPLE of the error message. The same error message is given in the all KBxxxxxxx.exe these type files. I am surprised that you only focused on one :confused02:
  3. Hi, My first question is: Can i integrate All Office update.exe files using Msp Extractor tool in WinKit? I think this can be done. However, there is a problem i have: It processes "ogl2007-kb2596672-fullfile-x86-glb or wordconv2007-kb2596880-fullfile-x86-glb" type update.exe files Without a Problem. These are Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Formatscreates update .exe files and WinKit msp files in different folders for each. While it processes "office2003-KB2553111-FullFile-TRK" type Office update .exe files, i get the below error in the picture and it creates emp
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