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  1. And one more thing. i use both x86 and x64 windows7. do i need to intergrate both x86 and x64 drivers to install.wim. i readt somwhere because i use both x86 and x64, i should only use x86 drivers when installing usb 3.0 drivers to the boot.wim. and it also work when install win7 from usb 3.0 ports. so far so good. i would believe its because drivers xxx.inf files are named the same in both x86 and x64. so cant intergrate both x86 and x64 because the file names are the same when intergrating them inside the install.wim or i am off there? i am pretty noob still just trying to learn. and its fun i think
  2. thanks Ricktendo64. i just figure it out. that the same command i use for intergrating drivers onto boot.wim. Was the samme as to Install wim. so thats pretty easy yes. but i can only intergrate one driver at the time with DSIM. Is there a way to get DSIM to scan a folder with many drivers inside, and then intergrate them all to install.wim
  3. Hi i have made Windows 7 x86 and x64. WIndows7 Home, Pro, Ultimate. danish version. intergrated all update from windows update. (no driver are intergrated yet) then i used Aio disk creator to merge x86 and x64 together. and then i boot from USB stick. using usb 2.0 port. my question is, i wanna use usb 3.0 port to install windows7 aio. i put in the usb 3.0 drivers inside boot.wim so i could use usb 3.0. that works great. but when i get to the desktop. no drivers are loader for usb3.0. so WPI and other stuff that i shall load from the USB3.0 port does not work. then i intergrate usb3.0 drivers for all know usb 3.0 controller. and also some net drivers from driver pack.net and the i use aio intergrator. everything seem to intergrate fine. but when i test the windows installation. no usb 3.0 or netcard driver gets install. then i think, can i be because i have no unattend.xml. if there no good way from within wintoolkit to intergrate driver into windows 7. is there another way like from $oem$. i hope you understand what i mean. i know its a bit messy Kind regards THXMAN
  4. Hi i cant get #Silent Installs runonce from Wintoolkit to work when i test it on a pc. but it works in WMware. anyone know why? does AIO make a log file after windows er installed. or what file does AIO use to install windows7. like updates and gadgets, wallpaper ect. get installed. AIO makes my preset file. but where on the windows image is the file. that is uses i hope it makes sence *AIO #Gadgets C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\Battery_Meter_V1.2.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\Drives_Meter_V2.5.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\GPU_Meter_V2.0.2.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\GPUObserver37.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\IntelCoreSeries25.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\networktraffic.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\PowerStatus11.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\QuadCoreUsage18.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\TopFive10.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\VolumeControlReloaded.gadget C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Gadgets\XirrusWiFiMonitor.gadget #Silent Installs KB2603229::N/A (Not Needed);NO;193.42 KB;C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Windows6.1-KB2603229-x64.msu;Always Installed WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64::/quiet /norestart;NO;7.47 MB;C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Runonce\Windows.Update.Agent\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe;Always Installed Windows6.1-KB976002-x64::N/A (Not Needed);NO;263.45 KB;C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Runonce\Windows6.1-KB976002-x64.msu;Always Installed Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64::N/A (Not Needed);NO;9.23 MB;C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Runonce\Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64.msu;Always Installed #Theme Packs C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Aqua.theme C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Australia.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\AustralianLandscapes IanJohnson.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\AustralianShoresAntonGorlin.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\BingAustralia3.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\BingChina2.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Ducklings.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Fauna.theme C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Forests.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\FrostMacros_DLawler.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\FurryFamilies.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\FuturisticFractals_DLawler.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\KinectDisneylandAdventures.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\MomentsCaptured_RishAgarwal.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\MSH_LEAS.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Peru.themepack C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Themes\Saplings.themepack #Tweaks Allow 3rd Party Themes Speed Up Desktop Disable User Account Control Disable Automatic Restart on BSOD #Updates C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Internet.Explorer.9.0\AMD64-all-ie9-windows6.1-kb2719177-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Internet.Explorer.9.0\IE9-win7.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Internet.Explorer.9.0\IE9-Windows6.1-KB2699988-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Internet.Explorer.9.0\IE9-Windows6.1-KB2719694-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Internet.Explorer.9.0\IE9-Windows6.1-KB2722913-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\Internet.Explorer.9.0\IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x64-dan.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb982018-v3-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2529073-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2532531-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2552343-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2647753-v3-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2705219-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2712808-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2729094-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2731847-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2732487-x64.msu C:\WinToolkit140-61\SoLoR\Win7-64bit-updates\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb2732500-x64.msu
  5. Hi i try to make an ISO in the ISO maker, but i get an error. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/72/isocancelled.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/debuginfo.png/ I hope you guys can Help Kind Regards Maxithx
  6. Hi i am building a win7 with 32bit and 64bit with update and drivers. i use WinToolkit140-35. Win7 build SP1 (7601). but my question is this. i use SoLoR windows updates, there is about over 300 hundre. but do i really need them all. should this build of windows 7 SP1 (7601) have some updates already build in to the Wim.install file. or am i wrong here. Kind regards Maxithx
  7. Hi Wincert, i am about to make a windows 7. with 32-64 together. i intergrated like all update + drivers packs 700 drivers or so. but i take like forever i am up on 24hours now. its so slow in intergrateding drivers and updates. is there a way to speed this process up. do i need faster harddrives or what can be done. its not the newest computer. and i have disable the antivirus program. Intel Quadcore Q6600 6 GB Memory Seagate 1000TB Disk 7200RPM. Windows 7 Pro 64Bit Kind regards Maxithx
  8. Hi just a question. i use build 7601 windows 7 bith 32bit and 64bit. when i need to intergrate windows update. how does. the program wintool knows, witch update are missing from the install.win. do i like need to run an installation on a virual machine. and write down whats missing? Kind Regards Thomas
  9. Yes it works great thanks super tool. now i then have to intergrated all updates into all the install.win. just need to read on how its done. and then some drivers for RAID Controller and USB3. so i can install from USB3 port. goes faster i think. then i use WPI inside windows i think
  10. Hi again i am building image now as you said.I also read all the guides to, i so hope it works many Thanks. ill get back to you
  11. Hej Win toolkit creator i am pretty new to this tool. i did use RT7lite before. so if i get this right. can i make all-in one disk. so i can chose between what windows version i wanna install. i install pretty many windows in my shop where i work. and it could save me alot of time. having a usb key with all windows version all together. If this is right. then this tool is the best comstum windows build software out there i would say Kind regards Thomas
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