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  1. Link is dead please provide us with a mirror. I really need this. Thank you.
  2. Hello, guys. It seems i can't find the following update KB2647753 but v4. I only find up to v2 on MS website. Can some1 help please? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for tuning in . And can i get your answer about the performance and size of the final iso questions? Thank you .
  4. Hello guys just a fast question. I was just wondering what in your opinion is better method of updating the windows 7 install iso. Using the sysprep(installing windows, updating it etc, then making an image) or integrating the updates offline using lets say WinTolkit? Mainly i ask this because i wanna know if there will be any difference in the final result in terms of speed, size and quality of the Windows installation iso. Till now i was always using the sysprep method as it seems easyer to do(I install FrameWork, Visual C runtimes etc). But I'm wondering if I integrate the updates offline will i get better performance of my install? Thanks.
  5. Hello, guys. I was wondering if it is possible to have a USB drive wich got Windows 7(32x & 64x) installation for both MBR disk layout(Legacy BIOS) and GPT(UEFI)?
  6. Btw i have used the latest beta version to make AIO windows 8 DVD and it worked like a charm. Btw can i suggest if possible to add an option in the program to integrate 64x repair option when making AIO DVD's. Thank you.
  7. Hello, guys. I'm happy to be part of this great forum and i really hope to learn some new stuff. So i got a question... eh i think i got the answer but just to make sure. So i merge my 32x and 64x install.wim to a single file using the great program WinToolkit and everything is working fine. But if i use the 32x folder to put the new install.wim with the 32x and 64x image inside i can use the repair option only for 32x installs and if i want to repair a 64x install i get the error that I'm not using the correct install. I guess there is a difference between the 32x boot.wim and the 64x boot.wim. This problem is kinda annoying because i still need to have 2x CD's with the different builds just for the repair option and my wish is to have a AIO flash drive. So i want to ask is there any way to get around this problem? So i can still have the 32x and 64x installs in one install.wim and somehow to be able to repair both types of OS if needed. Thank you for your time .
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