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  1. Finally, the problem may be solved, if anybody can confirm: it might not be possible to modify "higher" Win version on "lower" Win version, ie. customize Ultimate installation on Home system. I tried to use the same files and config file and same installation of WinToolkit on different PCs with just Win7 Enterprise and everything worked flawlessly...
  2. Hi, I do have the same error when installing my new Vaio... Is there anybody, who solved it already? I tried it around 15 times, 15 times different contents included. Only the first image I did was installed OK, but I found later on that I forgot to include IE9 and that there was some incompatibility in the system due to my "enhancements" so it was not possible to install it later. So I rebuilt my Windows source and since that time I am not able to pass over this error. Interesting is, that ca. first 7 images I did with RT7lite, resulting in 1 good and 6 bad installations. Next ca. 7 images I tried with Win Toolkit and produced just erroneous installations. Everytime I used updates downloaded by WUD and Win 7 x64 with SP1 Enterprise version as a source (the legal one...), no LDR option. The installation sources were done on the same PC as the target one is (Sony Vaio SVZ), but what I'm thinking about now, during writing this post, that there are only W7 Home Premium installed and lot of crapware on that notebook so if there's something incompatible... Any hint?
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