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  1. Hello to all, Gotta run almost everything, the program created unattended.xml just do not know where and how to put it to work properly. If anyone can please help me in this regard, would be eternally grateful, I think this is being a big barrier to my meager knowledge. The wintookit program generates autounattended.xml but when I finish ISO, the elf, is not present within the ISO. I tried to make the program as instructed, placing inside straight unattended.xml in root, but without success also out, what could it be? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/AN1nvwJ3ereeNPVdypEhCSnAv8I4UmTGLX2rTYDBIA=w473-h207-p-no Olá a todos, Consegui funcionar quase tudo, o programa criou unattended.xml, só não sei onde e como colocar para que funcione corretamente. Se alguém puder por gentileza me ajudar neste quesito, ficaria eternamente grato, creio que isto está sendo uma barreira muito grande para meus infimos conhecimentos. O programa wintookit, gera o autounattended.xml mas quando termino a ISO, o dito cujo, não se encontra presente dentro da ISO. Tentei fazer conforme instrução do programa,colocando dentro unattended.xml direto em root, mas sem sucesso também, oque poderia ser? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/AN1nvwJ3ereeNPVdypEhCSnAv8I4UmTGLX2rTYDBIA=w473-h207-p-no https://translate.google.com.br Hello to all, When I put [unattended.xml] in root within the ISO, nothing works. When I remove [unattended.xml] ISO, it works, just need to put user, and also does not install the User Program and folders inside another partition. Put this video on youtube, so they can see how the problem happens.
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