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  1. Thanks for the reply, YUMI is used to create Multiboot Flash drive containing several OS, tools, antiviruses etc. I have a 32 GB flash drive created with YUMI that I plan to put bootable tools on it. I managed to create many tools on YUMI but I wanted also to have my Windows O.Ss. on it. Since I have the legal copies of W7 that I mentioned previously (I also have W8 and XP) I created ISOs with imageburn because that is the only way YUMI can create the bootable menu. What I am trying to do? I’m looking for option to put all Windows installation disks on one USB so I can install them. The official Microsoft tool you describing allows one USB flash drive per O.S. only. Why I want to accomplish this? I don’t know where my Windows DVD’s are when I need them; dedicated USB stick with all versions on Windows put together on one place would be solution. Also USB seems faster and is not prone to scratches. Why so many versions of Windows? Each machine came with the corresponding license or I acquired later versions of Windows only for specific machine(s). Also note that few vof my Windows were not purchases with physical DVD’s but official downloads with official instructions how to create the DVD’s. What did I do so far? I attempted to create Windows installer via YUMI interface with my official ISO images without success. Then I downloaded a Windows 7 from internet and I tried to create the installer via YUMI and it worked. Why my official copies didn’t work yet the downloaded one did I don’t know. I hope this answers your questions and if you have any suggestions please let me know. Again thanks for you help.
  2. Hi, I have W7 Ultimate and W7 Enterprise. FYI both legal copies. I created ISO-s via ImgBurn but for some reason I had no success to put either of them on YUMI. Il keep trying. Cheers
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