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  1. I integrate this into my XPCD and in Ms Virtual Pc 2007 it never appears installed at the end, is this addon designed to do this!! Thx gr8 work
  2. You might wanna add a description just so people know what these are and exactly what they do?
  3. Done testing now Thx Can I remove styler its kind of annoying?
  4. hi this is a great intergration pack but there's a slight problem. When loading a WB Theme such as MoonFlower explorer.exe refreshes and im given the windows classic theme look and the WB's theme doesnt load after a reboot in a VM and on A proper Install it didnt work. I was forced to use a conventional installer of their website, any ideas as to what the problem may be? Thx
  5. I stumbled upon this forum while searching for nLite addons for my Windows XpX Dvd and **** did i find a lot of good ones i shall definetly be spending a lot of time hear from the posts and replies seems like a real friendly place. Cant wait to see what else shall arrise thx and c u all soon!!
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