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  1. Now as to remove it from Wim? no translation - file not found ....
  2. The problem is that the file is install.wim. all images
  3. no no no ..... do not want to once again thrust package ruchsskogo language. SP1 in Russian have not seen yet
  4. I would like to help with the translation of the program into Russian. how to implement it? or forum in Russian?
  5. Sorry if the question has already been. As a win toolkit to integrate service pack 1?
  6. The people that I probably found the problem, the problem of the antivirus. Cost to remove Kaspersky and put a g-data, such as the beginning of work. cheyas try to do the assembly. I have another question. For example if I made ​​a Windows 7 professional, and one wim image stuck Home, starter, ultimate .... will be implemented in a professional SETUP all other images? separately or remodel?
  7. tried to create the folder. it did not help
  8. the point is that the folder C: \ WinToolkit \ Mont image do without spaces
  9. I work under Windows 7 Professional 32-bit in administrator mode. WinToolKit tried all versions
  10. Tried to rename the folder. the result is the same. changed the name of the operating system, did not help exception: Tool name: Integrator all in one (Windows7ENTERPRISE64) Image Name: Windows7ENTERPRISE64 Argument: / Unmount "C: \ WinToolkit \ Mount" / commit WIM-file: F: \ win7 \ x64 \ Windows7Enterprisex64 \ sources \ install.wim Disc type: Fixed Free Space: 60.53 GB Existing file: True IsReady: True ImageX Tool for Windows Copyright © Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved. Version: 6.1.7601.21716 ERROR: Unable to use specified log file. Committing: [C: \ WinToolkit \ Mount] ... Unmount Error: Did not find an image mounted to [C: \ WinToolkit \ Mount]. Fixed C: \ 57.52 GB
  11. Yes. The image of the original Microsoft All right. I will try, I will answer
  12. Sorry if this problem has already been, I look hard, since I do not know English ... In general, this problem pops up. "Error while trying to make the image" ... what could it be? I should windose 7 professional 32 bit license. This error pops up in any way, or even the one I put my driver in it, or something removed. meaning one. BUT! at the confluence of several operating systems into a single, all prohodin normal. I work on the Russian version. the same issues the latest English version: Screeshot: http://i43.fastpic.ru/big/2012/0917/a3/d3079786dac31304d8fe8e80ddaa17a3.jpg
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