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  1. what i did was essentially replicating the original AVIs, includng approximate size and compression. Found a shareware/free app- Imageforge ( http://www.cursorarts.com/ca_imffw.html ), that offers MS-RLE compression. Colors are limited to 256, as in the original XP AVIs. http://eamon63.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-...l-AVIs-82019393 what i did was extract the original AVIs using reshacker, make new individual frames in 256-color .pngs, and pasting them over the original, then save> compress via MS-RLE. rate is 10 frames per second...
  2. am i bumping an old thread?...just interested to know the latest, what happened with this... anyway, shell32.dll i think should not be more than 9MB, to avoid those 'relocation errors'... regarding the AVIs, original sizes are less than 50 kb each, compressed via Microsoft RLE (circa 2000?). i tried using other codecs like ms-cran, but system won' read. if you can have them uncompressed at around 1mb each, i think would be ok. just my two cents worth...
  3. i think it is called File Dialog Places Bar, or just Places bar. Off the cuff, i'd say you try looking at //system32/shell32.dll (if you're on xp) with reshacker. Expand the section DIALOGS...
  4. xp home sp2. it's part of my mac osx leopard 'emulation'/imitation... will post a desk shot...
  5. i am running objectdock 1.9free (no tabs), consumes about 5 MB, has kkmenu and stacksdocklet...also have RK Launcher and Y'z dock, and both use almost same resources. I guess it's a matter of taste, and the number of items docked.
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