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  1. @Rick 1.1 1.2 Not only the language files, but and the files noninstall components. 5 You can use: Reminding of necessity of updateReminding of necessity of update every (7... 30) days. The period is set to "Options" tab I corrected and added a few options, you can add it to the installer. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35142695/Russian_sl2_130426_13-01.7z For context menu in the Win7 can add icons. You can also make a cascading context menu. You can take a look at that option here (http://forum.oszone.net/post-1384379.html#post1384379). Click "Инструментарий для создателей аддонов:" in the post. @Forseti Yes, German and many other languages ​​have not completed yet Information for translators here (http://forum.oszone.net/post-2133004.html#post2133004) and here (http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=131643&sid=6bd7d1b020bc297cf1a14750fd408472#131643). Send me the language files in the archive, and only in an e-mail with your e-mail address, which must be specified in the ini file, the line: ; Author: Forseti <xxxxx@yyyyy.zzz>
  2. Hello, Rick Looked at your installer, some observations: 1 Uncheck the option (2) will cause a program crash when decompressing the relevant archives. 1.1 After the update, all these components will still be loaded into the program folder 1.2 After uninstall programm these files will not be deleted and the program folder itself will not be deleted, too. 2 Uncheck the (1) renders meaningless the combobox (4). The user can not select nor any language other than English, as other language files will not be in the program folder. 3 Part of the text is not got into the line (3). 3.1 Why should edit the file UniExtract.ini, if all of these settings can be made in the program dialogue (Tab "Options") 4 Taiwanese.ini (5) is missing in the program, as Taiwanese=Chinese (Traditional) 5 In the program there is no automatic update. The program has only a manual update. No need to scare people. They are very afraid, when the program itself, without their consent, is connected to the network and makes something out there. 5.1 This item removes the checkmark from the "Offer updates every (days)". 6 Items in the context menu (7 and 9) produce the same effect - decompression to folder. Why do we need two points? 7 Item in the context menu (8) - is bad place! Example: I have a folder "My Downloads". In this folder, many loaded (right) files. I decided to unpack one of them - test.7z. I use the item (8) and get the dialogue "Warning: Destination directory %s already exists! %nExtraction in a non empty folder can lead to an unpacking error.%n%nClear contents of folder before unpacking?". I click "OK" and ... folder "My Downloads" is deleted and all its contents. I'm crying and cursing the fool-developer (gora). :( 8 The usefulness of (10) is very questionable for me ... 9 Multiple conflicts accelerators I can fix for you Russian language file. If you need one, of course.
  3. ricktendo english.ini moved to the folder lang. You can not delete the folder lang. Last 4 options off components can not be used. Optionality of these components are not supported in the script, they must be installed carefully.
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