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  1. if U`re using emule client.. just type in kruper11 (global search)
  2. thank You @ricktendo64 that was the fastest answer in the whole World but what is more important it was good...THx a lot it runs fine right now... BIG UP MATE!!! i forgot to mention that sidebar project is really a kickass for me ;-))) with WB6 theme and VTP7 i`ve got almost exact mimic of Vista right now...see YA ;-))
  3. Hi everybody i am new in here.. I am from Poland and currenty i am using the Sidebar dated for august...i would like to install the newest version...i ve downloaded pack with the latest ADDON but when i try to run the .inf file it says that i havn`t got the KB940541 in my system installed... and there is my problem cos` there is no such version of this hotfix for Polish language PLK...so can anybody help me ?? what should i do?? my current version works well i`ve got ALKY and other mentioned before patches...but how to upgrade to the newest version... is there somewhere KB940541 compatible wit
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