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  1. hello folks, I just finished creating a bootable USB stick - with a original Win7Pro SP1 dvd. I applied all available updates to the original files and just tried to install them. Nearly everything works fine just at the end of the installation (when a reboot should be done) a window pops up and says: "Windows could not configure one or more system components. To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation." Doesn't work though. I know this error message can mean everything but is there still maybe someone who can help me with that one? Also I have another problem.
  2. hi legolash2o OH extract the iso again, that easy? Great - thanks for this enlightening hint! regards, Bernhard
  3. hi Legolash2o thanks for this link - I already read through this. The thing I don't understand is when I made this USB stick bootable there are no files on it - is this ok? And then it says that I have to copy the windows installations files on the stick - where do I find them or how do I create these files at all? At this point the thing hangs in my brain :-( May you please help me? Thanks, Bernhard
  4. hello people out there :-) I really like the work with this WinToolkit. Unfortunately I am not able to build an image which is bootable over an usb stick. After reading many things on the forum (tutorials etc) I still do not really understand how to create something which is bootable from a usb stick. I have an original win7 x64 dvd plus office 2010 dvd available also I downloaded all updates but how can I just put all that stuff together to make a unattendable image? Sorry for asking this - is there any explanation with pictures or so available (in German?) THanks for helping, regards, Bernha
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