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  1. Yeah RTSeven is too harsh and break the Windows I was working on. I did everything in WTK, and so far it's been working like a charm. Legolash you did well making this utility, I will definitely give it a go in the future when you add more removal options to it. My only problem now is how to restore printing. I broke it most likely through component removal, even when leaving the "local printing" there. Bah nevermind, just needed to manually update drivers within Device Manager. I do manual driver installations and i forget this time.
  2. Hey folks, I am currently trying to find the right balance between using RTSeven for a few component removals, then doing the rest of the customization through WinToolkit. From what I've gathered on these forums is that RTSeven is quite harsh when it comes to component removal, while WinToolkit attempts to remove components from an install list. I've gone through maybe 20 attempts on either WTK or RT7 to get my Win7 just right. I've curtailed some of my tweaking on RT7 because of the time it took me to go "OCD Mode" over all the lovely checkboxes and its ability to break the windows install. One example is the removal of Windows Features when I clearly dont see an option to do so. My plan now in RT7 is only to remove anything Media Center/Player related, Welcome related, useless for an experienced Windows user, and mobile/tablet crap. Not going any deeper than that. For the moment I only want to remove through RT7: Some Accessories (ESPECIALLY EASE-OF-ACCESS) All Languages Some multimedia stuff (Media Center & Player) Some drivers Only a handful of absolutely useless (to me) services (e.g: ActiveX, Adaptive Brightness) Some System stuff (Welcome center, built-in disc burning, mobile stuff) Heh, as I'm typing this I'm already going to attempt this RT7 one last time. If THIS doesn't work then I'll just remove Ease-of-Access. If THAT doesn't work, I'll go to the hardware store and buy a folding table to flip over!
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