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  1. my current setup wsus 2.0 sp1 Build all pc was connected to this server. some trouble happen while the pc try to check for update from microsoft website. it will force to install latest official ver 7.6.7600.256. after that, my client will lose connection to wsus server. checked windowsupdate.log file and found the error. selfupdate Failure software synchronization Windows update client failed to detect with error 0x800b0001 I think the problem might relate to selfupdate version between wsus and client. then i also have do some testing by reinstall windowsupdateagent30.exe to revert back to ver 7.4. client start to detect again by wsus server. my question : how to upgrade wsus 2.0 sp1 with latest ver7.6.7600 and more than 30pc have such problem now. thanks
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