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  1. HI. After 1 month working hard with wintNT6, wintoolkit, rt7lite and rt7booster, I finally managed to get a full working image of windows7. I say full working beacause now it passes the sfc /scannow commad with 100%. And that was not the case at the beginning, Even if the images were fine and working, They were not able to get 100%. Infact the scan file was corrupted too... This was a problem, if system files check crash and stops at 45 % at the first logon how if I corrupt file in a few weeks? I will need a recovery. What a shame for a fresh image to be born broken. There are 2 kinds of errors, majors ones that make sfc scannow crash before ending scan, and the minor ones. I have a lots of those minor issues and sfc absolutly wants to fix them, and it is impossible to choose which ones you want or you ll have to repair, in this amout of files... Thats why running sfc /scannow regenerate a lots of removed componments from the graveyard. after a scan all the wallpapers located in the globalisation folder are back while I removed it... so if there is a major issue in the future, the minor issues will be solved at the same time. I am looking for a way to make a kind of digital print of the system state and define it as correct, but of course it must be a dream... How would you do that?I thought about a script that could store the logs generated by sfc at the first logon, and substract these logs to other logs, in case of a corrupted system and then, just solve the major issues... dunno yet. If some of you have knoweldge about it, it would be cool. I dont get how to say windows to stop searching in the graves...and can't sleep knowing my system is not complete...and could be altered by a simple scan! After the scannow process, 2 xml files are generated in a boot folder, and if you manually remove them before restarting, windows wont lauch the file recovery process at next startup. No componments were removed with rt7lite because it makes the sfc scannow commands to crash, just used it for tweaks...it generates a lots of dependencies issues... but maybe most of us didnt lauch a system scan at first logon. Im sure many would be surpri....ashamed LOL. Ï have tweaked a few dll like imageres ddores shell32 themui with reshack (thanks reaper) but the scannow process restore them while they were working perfectly... why? a size issue? Thanks a lots.
  2. Hey just popping by to thank you for this nice software!
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