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  1. Thanks for the info, bphlpt. That explains a bit of my confusion. Just to clear things up a bit more, what you're saying is that most of the changes win toolkit does simply affects the installed size rather than the source size so no matter what changes I make, the source iso will probably remain rather close in size to the original? If that's the case then my best bet really will be to use a USB drive for the install because adding any drivers or updates will easily cause the source total to grow larger than a single DVD. I was able to shrink things a bit by not installing the additional updates from mcrip but even so I'm still sitting at 4.6GB and it won't fit on my 4.3GB DVDs without overburn. @legolas, being able to shrink the source size would be great!
  2. Dell OEM has worked with these tools for a long time; nLite, RVMI, RT7Lite, and it works with this tool as well (successfully created a USB install disk this way). The problem is user based in that I don't know how to make the iso with just the needed files. When I use the ISO Maker it takes the entire contents of my custom source folder and puts it in an ISO rather than just taking the 3GB wim file. As stated earlier, removing the other editions doesn't change the file size of the iso at all. So I guess the real question would be how do I actually remove the other editions from my source so that the iso made with the ISO Maker tool actually shrinks? The other big space hog is language related content. I've tried removing the language packs with the All In One tool but again, 0 difference in file size. I'm assuming that the reason for both of these problems is that the program is changing the size of the .wim but not actually removing files from my source location and then the ISO Maker tool is still grabbing the entire source (since you can't select a .wim file with it - already tried) and shoving everything into an ISO. I'm also assuming that this is not how it's supposed to work and that I'm just missing a setting somewhere to make the program actually remove that content. And yes, I've tried with a retail disk as well with the exact same results. I'm able to remove editions and language packs and all kinds of other stuff but the size of the created ISO doesn't change at all. Remember, XP didn't use .wims so when you removed something with nLite or RVMI it was gone. That file would no longer exist in the source you were using (why both of them made you copy the disk to the HDD before allowing you to do any editing).
  3. I've seen a couple of questions regarding creating a Windows 7 iso that will fit when burned to a single single-layer DVD but I haven't found a guide for this and my attempts so far have failed. If there is a thread with detailed instructions on this already please point me to it. I have a Win 7 Pro SP1 Dell OEM disk which I would like to add the chipset and network driver packs to as well as all updates. I don't need the other editions which are on the disk such as ultimate or home but removing them doesn't appear to change the size of the ISO that is created. I can create a USB drive using the ISOs I make so this isn't a rush but I would definitely like to have the ability to create a smaller disk than what I started with and I'm sure I'm just missing something incredibly simple to make this happen. Any tips on how to shrink the output down would be appreciated. I'm used to using RVM Integrator, nLite, and Driver Packs on XP disks and the whole .wim thing is new to me as is multiple editions (home/pro/ultimate) on one disk. Thanks, Fiernaq P.S. Great looking program, clean interface and fairly intuitive AiO option (some of the more advanced features aren't quite as user friendly but then again I wouldn't expect them to be).
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