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  1. You're right in assuming I'm a non-nLite user, but this is (obviously) changeable. Is installing nLite risky and/or overly difficult? If it's not going to shut me down I don't see why I wouldn't use it. I've got plenty of RAM and power, so the more programs the merrier If nLite helps me skin to Vista then nLite it is.
  2. I get this error.. ..whenever I try to run it from the Rainldr folder I extracted fro the zip. Any ideas?
  3. I recently stumbled across the 'Vista Side Bar' and fell in love with it. I came here and learned how to install it within 5 minutes. While browsing around I noticed a lot of other cool add ons as well. Is there one grouping of these programs that I can just download? Like a Vista Pack or something? Also, the more important question: If such a pack exists does it require a fresh reformat/Windows install everytime I want to modify an element of the UI? From the reading I've done so far it seems like your have to create a boot disk or ISO. It's been a while since I've used ISOs, but if I remember correctly, they're essentially disks you can run without having anything in the disk drive, correct? So again, assuming that's correct, is it really as difficult a process as I'm making it out to sound? All I really want is to skin XP to Vista without risking things that I'm seeing like programs that are "Not Uninstallable". Anyway, thanks for any help or links. Sorry if this comes off as ignorant. I searched around a bit but couldn't find any answers to my questions.
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