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  1. Windows 8 AIO 5.3 GB Any Tips Make It 4.7 GB I just created Win8 AIO ISO about 5.3 GB it will not fit single layer DVD. Does any guys would tell me is there any way to make this iso 4.7 GB. Any tips compress more or any file should I delete without compromise installing ISO. Thank you in advance..
  2. Win 8 AIO some Windows Update Integration Failed I am in the progress making Windows 8 AIO list below update integration failed: Windows 8 Core 32 bit Windows 8 Pro 32 bit Windows 8 Ent 32 bit Failed to integrate Updates: KB2761465 KB2693643 KB2703761 KB2779444 KB2774195 KB2771431 Windows 8 Core 64 bit Windows 8 Pro 64 bit Windows 8 Ent 64 bit KB2761465 KB2693643KB2703761KB2779444KB2774195KB2714823KB2771431KB2780523KB2780541KB2781498KB2782419KB2782558KB2782560KB2783251KB2784153KB2784160KB2784679KB2785605KB2789962KB2792463KB2792476 Regards & Marry Christmas!
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