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  1. Could you make a tool to run at post-install to make the installed one become lite? (preferably with optional features). This could be easier for you to make it compatible with future versions. Thanks in advance. PS: A GUI based one would be nice but there's no need to use GUI if your Batch Script's syntax-and-use is embedded on itself. I suggest to use a switch (for example "-?") to request the documentation, like DOS commands do. PS2: This is not my native language… please excuse my bad english.
  2. In case you are not in the mood to make a 10.0.5 lite... could you please tell wich files (and registry entries) did you delete on 10.0.4? Is there some DLL/INF skipped from registering by your version? I am not a good talking english, excuse my low level on language please.
  3. There is a new v10... can you make Lite from this one? please. It's 10.0.5 build 2443746. More info. v11 has quite a lot of known issues actually: link. Thanks for your great work.
  4. Please. Could you reupload previous versions of your tweaked Skype? Thanks for your work.
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