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  1. @CanaryMailApp Will there be full Exchange support (not just IMAP)? If so, Canary might be an option for our company.

  2. Hi I have a very basic question; I have a Windows 7 image, and I have added drivers and Windows updates in Win Toolkit AIO, and built the image. It works fine. Now I want to add a new driver, for example. When starting AIO again, should I use my preset from earlier or not select a preset? It seems that if I choose my preset and then add the new driver, it integrates everything again, all drivers and Window updates - which takes a very long time. What is the correct procedure for updating an existing AIO image? Thanks
  3. I would like to know this as well, please. I have made a custom image with Windows Updates and Drivers integrated, for example. Now, if I want to change something, say add an extra driver or Windows Update, should I load my previous Preset and add the extra driver/update or should I open my custom image, without a Preset (empty lists), and only add the new driver/update I want added? Sorry for the newbie questions, and thanks a lot for this great tool!
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