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  1. Hi guys, I've a question about the hotfix and other components WinSXS directory in Windows 7, from what I've read by clearing the folder with vLite or WinReducer or other softwares, Windows Update will not work. But is it possible to fake Windows Update in thinking that WinSXS is fine even if I clear up all the files inside the various directories(directories are fine cause they don't occupy space, but .dll and .exe do). Can someone clear this thing ? Suppose you want to install future updates and hotfixes but you don't want to unistall any of the previous, are those files inside WinSXS required. How does Windows Update check if those files are present, will check updates by the directory list or it will investigate the files inside them too ? Thanks, for any suggestion to free up those 5 GB safely without breaking Windows Update functionality. Relok.
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