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  1. hi, i have a question and a problem :)

    question is "can i turkish sidebar runing on windows xp pro 64bit (x64)"...

    problem is "windows sidebar styler is not working"...

    windows sidebar very nice working, but im windows sidebar styler install and any skin patch select and windows sidebar is not runing...


    windows kenar

  2. Hi, Thanks for that. Just one more question. how can i translate the sidebar??? i'm found the description but link is death...


    - You need these files MyTempDir( DEATH LINK)

    - Start with fresh unpatched sidebar files.

    - Rename the tr-TR folder with the sidebar.exe.mui and sbdrop.dll.mui files to en-US

    - Patch sidebar.exe with your favorite skin (Optional)

    - Right click on sbdrop.dll, wlsrvc.dll and sidebar.exe and patch em with VAIO

    - For cosmetic reasons you can rename the en-US folder back to tr-TR but you will have to rename it back to en-US if you wish to repatch it in the future with another skin and then with VAIO

    NOTE: VAIO b2 does not recognize or support the tr-TR folder yet, but im sure in build3 it will cuz I told NR to submit it to Rafael & ZoRoNaX

    NOW!!! NR you can repack my Sidebar AddOn and add your turkish files for your updatepack users


    OFF TOPIC: VAIO needs the mui files of whatever language to be in a en-US folder, it applies the lang and also the version number of the mui files to the sidebar and sbdrop files...

    I had the mui files from 5744 in the en-US folder when I updated to the RTM and I forgot to update them and when VAIO patched the 6000 sidebar it changed the version number to 5744

    NR Why dont you guys also do a translation file for Windows Sidebar Styler you can email the Creator and he will send you a template

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