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  1. No, the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is not checked. No I do not get that page. I would upload screen shots but can not figure out how to attach a pic or upload to "My Media". I have tried both IE and a fresh copy of Fire Fox. I also tried it on a fresh install on VMPlayer with no anti-virus and a fresh copy of IE9. BUT......... Playing around, I decided to put an "s" after the http in the URL.... And that worked!!!!! Both IE9 and Firefox are at out of the box default settings, not sure why the page has to be secure, or if that is how it is supposed to be why the "s" is being strip
  2. Just tried this out manualy on a VM without 4.5 and it worked real nice. TY...
  3. There is no count down on the page that says, “Sorry, but the requested page was not found!" and there is no yellow button that says SKIP. The page is dead. If I hadn't noticed the additional URL's in the address bar (following the adf.ly URL) and copied/used those addresses and play follow the link I would of never of found the sites. In the case of ".Net 4.5 Slim" I used the link to end up back on a Wincert forum page where I then found the "http://adf.ly/1713566/dotnet45slim" link, now using that link I did get the countdown and the yellow SKIP. The problem is if I never noticed the superf
  4. I keep trying to use $OEM$ for Setupcomplete.cmd and files and setup never copies them over. If I put the scripts and files directly into Windows ==> Setup ==> Scripts in the WIM they work fine. In the “sources” folder (the same folder the install wim is in) I have the following folder structure: $OEM$ ==> $$ ==> Setup ==> Scripts (sources\$OEM$\$$\Setup\Scripts\). I am expecting them to be copied to Windows\Setup\Scripts\ but they are not. System is x64, OS is Win 7 SP1 Ultimate or HomePremium (X17-59465). I have tested this with VMPlayer using the install from iso file opt
  5. Every time I click on a button on the Downloads tab of the Toolkit GUI I get a adf.ly page with the message “Sorry, but the requested page was not found!”. In the URL in the address bar following adf.ly's address it seems that I can find a link to either the site I'm supposed to go to or a referrer link back to the forum topic where I can find another link to to find what I think the GUI button was supposed to link to in the first place. This happens to me on every version of the Toolkit I have tried. Anyone no whats up with it? Is there some setting I need on IE for this to work? Is this by d
  6. I tried to join your site using the normal sign-up method but was rejected with a message saying that my IP address was banned due to SPAM. I'm in the Philippines currently and do have this problem sometimes on forums. Since IP addresses are often dynamic not static I assume that some sites have a blanket policy of banning all Philippine users. Seems a little unfair to punish a whole country Anyways I was able to join using my Facebook account but I really don't like that as I normally keep it pretty private. I looked through settings, added a password and tried logging on using my email ad
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