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  1. Hi, yeah i allready found my mistake and removed them both because when i tried to install it system says allready installed, so it seems i can discard both, for the rest 3 kbs i added 2533552 to automatic again and 976002 and 2592687 went to manual. Since 976002 is annoying and 2592687 made problems for us i decided to have them manually but good to know that i may work also if i add them to automatic again. I later come back and will tell if that what i told above is working. Greetz X23
  2. Hi, i removed: 2603229 http://support.micro....com/kb/2603229 2533552 http://support.micro....com/kb/2533552 2603229 http://support.micro....com/kb/2603229 976002 http://windows.micro.../browser-choice 2592687 http://support.micro....com/kb/2592687 from sfx and all worked fine, so i was right with that one of that 5 causing that problem. Now it's time to find out which of them. Lets say its 2592687 how to force it to be last thing installed before final reboot? I was thinking about a sfx that sets a runonce entry to the registry that executes install in next boot?! What do you think? Greetz X23
  3. Hi, yeah i can find that its under runonce with para /BROWSE but iam sure that isnt all. Greetz X23
  4. Hi, as far as i understand the process, the installer will be executed via a registry runonce? But how does it works? I know that there is the wintoolkitrunonce binary in system32, where is the config that will tell it what to offer and install? What are the parameter that work with the binary? I maybe want to use it in my own way so i need to know what i can do with it. Greetz X23
  5. Hi, check my Screenshot: i have KB2574819 installed as Update and KB2592687 as Silent Installs + SFX I don't have the issue mentioned here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10950-141-14-installer-wont-work-nothing-happens/page-2#entry95405 This is allready been solved this here must be another issue. I have checked the KB Articles from the KB's installed with the installer because they cannot integrated and i dont find anything that can give a clou because its nothing related to any msi installation issue or something. So i have a bit of fear that i dont find whats causing this Should i try to remove 2592687 from Installer? Maybe this update is so strong that it need a reboot for allowing anymore msi installs? In work we had several problems with Windows 7 and RDP because of protocol update to version 8.0... Products like activefax and broadgun are installed fine and they don't have msi based installers. Am i stupid or must this stand into relation to my issue? Greetz X23
  6. Hi, thank you very much know that works. Greetz X23
  7. Hi, yes please gimmme that links. I have win7 pro iso without removed ei.cfg i can only choose win 7 pro but i habe to choose, why choose if there is only one option. There i no solution with the autounattended.xml to always choose pro? For domain join and install destination i will test what you gave me thanks for this. Greetz X23
  8. Hi, i have an annoying issue with my custom win 7 cd, iam very close to the end that everything is working fine but now i stuck with a installer problem that seems to be kb install related. This is what i install: The Problem is that the following products are not installed: - Shockwave - Acrobat Reader - OfficeScan - VPN - Office Framework 4.5 After i mentioned it i directly tried to execute all this installers manually after installer finished and they also didn't worked, the error message i got was related to msi. Then i thougth about the KB's i install first with the installer and gave the computer a restart. After this restart everything could be installed so my sfx are working well. Now is the big question, which of these KB's i install makes that Problem to the msi installer service? How to solve this? Is it possible to start the installer twice? first round all the automatic stuff then reboot and then installer again with all the manual stuff (choose)? My idea is that lego may can give an option that installer will react like this, on first start it will install everything that is set to automatic install, then it sets another runonce to the registry, reboot, next instance of installer with manual updates, user makes its choice and then manual stuff will be installed, final reboot. finished. These are the KB that are installed first and iam sure one of it is making that problem: 2603229 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2603229 2533552 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2533552 2603229 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2603229 976002 http://windows.microsoft.com/browser-choice 2592687 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2592687 I dont believe that ie 9 language pack or the microsoft malicious software removal tool and its definitions are causing the problem. What if its not one of these kb's causing the problem? I dont know what is causing this i only know a restart solves it Greetz X23
  9. Hi, can someone help with integrating the following to my autounattended.xml: - I dont like to choose for win 7 pro i should automatically been taken - Win 7 should automatically be installed on first hdd and should take all available space while deleting partition if existing and if not it should create one over the complete first hdd. If possible automatic domain join would be great (like with win xp) Thanks for your help Greetz X23
  10. Hi, is it possible that a hotfix (kb) can cause installer being executed before setup finish? at all my last test it appears it the machine logon the first time regulary. Now after applying several hotfixes from mcrip it is started before setup finish, now some of my sfx wont install. For example Office 2007 i have it as sfx and office has a config.xml which install it silently but visible (basic) it will break and then rollback. if it try it after first logon from install medium wintoolkitapps it will install fine, also i have tested my sfx on other systems and it works well. Iam not sure this is related to the early execution of the installer, iam using test15 but with the latest test14 it was also there, i integrated drivers and all hotfixes before and i change autounattended to another one that is fully automated instead of where to install windows. One of this seems to be the reason. Edit: also missing was: Adobe Reader integrated as sfx (msi with parameters), checkpoint vpn client (msi with parameters), shockwave (msi with parameters) parameters are always: /quiet /qn /norestart Greetz X23
  11. Hi, that means i can load a preset without allready done, hotfixes, drivers, gadgets and so on? What if i only change the sfx for example the binary has another name will the app directory in the root of the image deleted and rebuilded or is just stuff added? in that case i have to delete the directory manually or i have ghost files. What i use the same preset again especially drivers and hotfixes? will they skipped if they are allready integrated? I just ask because of the amount of time drivers and hotfixes take to integrate. Also if not needed i dont like to allready renew win7 source directory for every try. Greetz X23
  12. Hi, actually iam testing with wintoolkit, so i try settings, build an iso, install it and so on in a loop. What to do next time if i have integrated hotfixes and drivers and i want to change just tweaks next time, will the tool reapply all the time eating sps and drivers or will it know that this was done allready? The main reason for asking this is to save time will finding my way to the image i want. Sometimes its a bit frustrating to wait hours for next test step. Actually i always make a new copy of a windows 7 x64 pro dvd to get sure i dont mess thinks up while using same path again and again. Who can help with this? Greetz X23
  13. Hi, thank you works well know lets wait for a bugfix from lego. Greetz X23
  14. Hi, some other questions. With automatic install i have some programs that won't install but if i try the switches on a test system everything works well. What is the working directory if the installer executes a binary with parameters? For example for Navision i execute setup.exe /quiet /config Classic.xml Maybe he cannot find the Classic.xml because the working directory is not: installmedium:\WinToolkit_Apps\Appdir Is there a variable i can use? like setup.exe /quiet /config ${WTKmedium}\WinToolkit_Apps\Appdir\Classic.xml? I have no other idea why the installation should fail, the silent parameter are correct and work manually on a test system. Greetz X23
  15. Hi, i like to thank god that someone confirmed that great What do you do when you set automatic, do you collect all the silent switches from the different installers and add these switches as arguments? I need to choose some updates because i integrate thinks like office 07 and 10 and i want to choose which office to install, so i can live not only with automatic mode. Lego can you fix that maybe? P.S found an old forum thread about irc... the channel is empty seems to be obsolete? Greetz X23
  16. Hi, yes i can do that but remember it look like wintoolkitrunonce and its config is right prepared on the cd, i can start it but it still does nothing, iam sure it must be a little bug or maybe mistake on my side but which? I come back later to report if what u want works. Greetz X23
  17. Hi, sorry i ment t14 grabbed it from here: http://www.wincert.net/leli55PK/Testing/ Yes i added one of the addons with automatic (7zip) actually iam waiting if the installer will do something after waiting a bunch of minutes. i will now close it, and will check if 7zip was installed. mom ill be back Edit: 7zip wasn't installed, i also didnt saw any installer, i didnt gave silent switches so it just execute the installer but there was nothing. ;( this is the log after installing windows: If i start wintoolkitrunonce in system32 manually again also nothing happens, no failure no choice just silence. I just see the installer asking me to choose what to install but i cannot choose from anything and the progress bar never changes. this is the log after manually starting wintoolkitrunonce: Greetz X23
  18. Hi, and again same with the latest T15 Version, installer appears but nothing ever happens. And again i just opened the wim integrated flash, acrobat reader and 7zip with non automatic install. I could make a screenshot but i will look exactly like the one above. Help please. Greetz X23
  19. Hi, ok my test was negative, same like before the installer is shown but nothing ever happens: I really just opened a fresh copy of the latest ms iso download of win 7 x64 selected professional to edit, just added 2 installers (flash, shockwave) made the iso and installed it. I first thougth iam to stupid and i have to click somewhere but i saw screenshots if how it have to look like FYI: I mounted the image as iso into the vm to install What happend? FYI: Iam actually testing with 1.4.1-15T15 Greetz X23
  20. Hi, yeah iam actually starting from scratch. What i do first is do nothing except adding flash and shockwave installers with non auto mode. Actually its rebuilding and saving the wim i come back if i tried it in a vm. Greetz X23
  21. Hi, i burned a double layer dvd. Same failure if i boot the iso over pxe. What i have done: Downloaded latest Windows 7 x64 Image opened the wim removed all except win 7 pro 64 opened again, integration: a bunch of drivers - worked i saw some of the integrated ones in the test system some tweaks - worked havent proved all but there was some of the changes i saw unattended into boot2.wim - worked added one gadget - worked added background pics - worked added all available security updates - worked added a bunch of apps like (flash, acrobat reader) without automatic install, i expected then the installer will let me choose what to install. - fail Then after it has finished ~6 hours later i burned the image to dl dvd and tried it. How works wintoolkitrunonce? with which parameter (config, ini) will it be executed? Like that i may can rerun the installer to check what gets wrong instead of building a new iso and install it completely again. One Try one day Greetz X23
  22. Hi, wintoolkitrunonce.exe but i finally found it under windows/system32 i also found the log file... Please Check here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10950-141-14-installer-wont-work-nothing-happens/ Greetz X23
  23. Hi, this is my runoncelog.txt Paths are correct and programs are in right place, what happens here? Also i found the wintoolkitrunonce binary! Greetz X23
  24. Hi, i have a bug with the installer it will be shown but nothing happens. Where is the binary located on the image to restart the installer manually? Any log files for the installer to find bugs why it isnt working? Greetz X23
  25. Hi, used 1.4.1-14 with Win 7 Pro x64 and integrated some stuff, Wintoolkit Installer will start but nothing happens, the status bar is never moving. Howto debug what happenend and howto manually start installer again? Anyone else experiencing this installer bug? I checked the forum and there are similar reports that installer dont work with older versions. Is there a wintoolkit version out that is stable and working? I used this ini: http://pastebin.com/refwHSk2 EDIT: Someone in win-lite forum told me that maybe the integration of ati and nvidia gpu drivers is the problem... LOL? For what else should be the driver integrations functionality might be? Greetz X23
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