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  1. Hi! Thanks Legolash2o for scuch a great program!!! Today i downloaded all win 8.1 x64 updates with the help of WHDownloader_0.8 (WIndows Hotfix Downloder). You cand download the program from here: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/44645-WHDownloader-v0-8-Final I integrated all updates with WinToolkit v1.4.44.3 . I attached the presets. In the first preset KB2919355 was not integrated. Than i tought to do it again but move it at the end and it shows it was integrated. OK till now. I installed the new updated windows onto my laptop and after checking for updates it shows me that i have over 25 updates to install. Look at at the attached image. The win 8.1 x64 iso is original. I think i did not installed them in the right order. Please help me with this . Thanks very much! You rock!! first preset 2014-07-09_18-00-02_9 iulie 2014 6 pm.ini second preset 2014-07-09_18-40-22.ini
  2. And another thing,i created an Autounattend file that incluedes only the serial and when i install window it still asks me for the serial. I copied the win 8.1 pro serial from the "Serial Keys" tab. I placed the file at the root (meaning where the setup.exe is located). And it would be nice if i can auto set the power plan to high performance
  3. Yeah. It's exactly like that.So even if i move the "drivers" folder inside another one, it's gonna detect it? And even if install the win from usb stick it's gonna detect my "drivers" folder?
  4. Hi ! Thanks Lego for you great program and your support! It's very apreciated! I've made my custom windows 8.1 pro image and i installed the windows. When it comes to install silent installers it also installs me all the drivers from my second partition (the windows setup is run from there). In wintoolkit i didn't add any drivers. This is kind annoying. Is there any option to disable this? The image is made with WinToolkit_1.4.30.15
  5. Sorry for lating with the answer. The error was because i used winrar beta to extract the iso. The best solution is to let Win Toolkit to extract the iso.
  6. I think i found the solution. I will post it tomorrow.
  7. I even reinstalled my windows 8 pro system and still not working, i just don't get it why it's not working.
  8. Hi! I have a windows 8 image (en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440). I have integrated all updates with win toolkit. I made an iso with win toolkit and when i type the installation key it gives me this message: "We couldn't verify the product key. please check your installation media". Every time i tried it did not worked. I've tried in VirtualBox latest version I am runing windows 8 pro x64 . I have attached a screenshot
  9. Accorting to this thread , Lego is gonna come soon.I can't wait !!!
  10. I have the same problem like you. Some updates were not integrated. I hope Legasho will fix this soon.
  11. Hi! I loaded the windows 8 x64 folder(clean) in wintoolkit and selected all images,, then i added all the updates from mcrip (WindowsHotfixDownloader) excepting those from addidtional folder(iiis and rsat and others). After 4 hours i receive this error: http://gcmf1z.1fichier.com/en/ Then i loaded another windows 8 x64 (clean version, it's not the ruined version from above) from another folder. And i choosed only the windows 8 pro image. After 2 hours it gives me this error: http://idbdmb.1fichier.com/en/ http://3dveew.1fichier.com/en/ Please help me to integrate updates to windows 8 cause i wanna give it a try on my laptop which was made for windows 8 and i want a fully patched windows. Thanks and keep up the good work.
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