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  1. Hello, when I put x86 and x64 version of Vista SP2 together in one WIM and the run the installer it becomes extremely slow when comes to accept eula, define partitions or chose which edition I want to install. I came across that problem few years back when made such AIO using command prompts only for integration, recently I did the same using WIM manager from winToolkit. Does anybody recognizes any possible soltion or at least cause of this problem? It's quite common according to my knowledge
  2. I am not sure if I know what exactly to do , but - I have already worked this around by manually replacing files being patched and it works as a charm. Thanks anyway
  3. Was I not courteous and respectful at the beginning of this? My contribution? Ask around.
  4. Hello, I have encountered problem with a UX theme patcher, after choosing that option in Win Toolkit, during final phase of installation I receive a prompt as in attached screenshot, anyone has any ideas maybe ? Or is it caused maybe by some integrated update? many thanks for any help in advance
  5. One worhty input here. no wonder it came from Lego who is professional, unlike funny people like kels and the other one who are making a deal out of nowhere. Shame on you, and none of your business what do I do in MY FREE TIME, and ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE.
  6. Another thread in which no solution was found to the problem. THis board is really living up to it's title. I have menationed, that this could be found as a violation and I remain aware of that. No need to cast accusations Kelsenellenelvian. How can I take credit for someone's work? Am I gonna sell my ISO on the streets? For me, hiding that window is more like thing having visual impact than anything else. Is it really so hard to understand? As for bphlpt; it is surpising, how someone with such rank can be leaving such worthless posts.
  7. You did understood it wise, and apart fro your delibatration's of why do I need to hide or why do I want to hide - well, let's for the sake of possibility itself. So - not interested in one's guesses: can it be hid or not? If yes - how to accomplish this?
  8. Hello to everybody, My today's question is whether or not The Wintoolkit installer window appearing during the Windows 7 install can be hidden, or not shown at all? I hope this is not a violation towards program's most honorable Author. kind regards.
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