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  1. ok .. man i will do another experiment and will suceed... i Thanks for your help...
  2. ok buddy i ahve tried to downlaod that windopws iamge from Microsft but i cant keep my pc on for whole day so i downlaod from torrent ... and second i customize my windopws test it but my addons were not install in windows ..,. :please: :ranting: :ban: :doh: :albert:
  3. no that was claear and now , i load boot.wim from extracted image of win 8.1.. have a look and plz clear this confusion i am facing ... screenshoot
  4. i know win 7 has .wim file which can be edited through Wintoolkit but Win8.1 has .esd file type wintoolkit cant find .wimfile . How can & which file is edited by WinToolkit in Win 8.1 .iso image file ....
  5. first thanks for this addon now i want to update it to latest version so i just put latest .exe and serials etc and, another thing plz update the link its not opening properly ...
  6. Hi ! i have used wintoolkit its gud tool now i want to customize my win8.1 image so how can i customize this
  7. bhai ab xp ka time gia ... win 8.1 ko karo ... u can use reshacker as i use it it is very powerful tool
  8. Hi ! How can i downlaod Win 8.1 Enterprise 64x ISO image ? i am have tried alot from microsoft site but when my pc shutdown and logon i start the downlaod from start . so i need link from i downlaod ISo image file through IDM like common installer . i dont wont to downlaod from microsft agin and agin same file with that bore micrsoft download installer ...
  9. thanks for tool but where is downlaod link
  10. Hi I am confused where this topic may fall . in nite or WintoolKit. i download several addons for Wintoolkit but they wont work becoz they are simple setups and some are zip files which is used in nLite as a Addon , i am wondering how to add nLite addons to WintoolKit ... Example These cant load into WintoolKit Addon Windows ; http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10539-repack-adobe-reader-xi-1103-en-fr-nl-02-2013/ http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9813-tweaked-skype-6332107-multilanguage/ should i unzip those addons , and add that setup and add silent switch ? those .inf file have several withces How i know which Swicth to use... :aggressive:
  11. so its just copy the Direct setup to hardisk and then user will install it manuly... plz help me i need a silent or addon for Direct X so i integrate into setup ...
  12. Hi i need Direct X can i use this as Addon on my Windows 8 by using Wintoolkit
  13. Hi i wondering if anyone know about .dll file which i edit Setup image, starup image & Boot Screen. if anyone know about these dll files plz tell me the name so i edit them ... Thanks
  14. **** i cant downlaod Standard version from this url
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