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  1. Hello all, Small question here, if you don't mind. I am currently trying to install Windows 7 on a new SSD harddrive. When starting the installation from the DVD, booting on the DVD, I have many errors like I/O errors and files not found errors. But if I start the installation from my already installed Windows 7 system, then no problem. It seems that when starting the installation from Win7, the installer check for updates online, so it downloads the correct drivers or whatever patches are needing to complete the installation correctly. Is there any way to get those updates on a DVD so that I can do a fresh install booting from the DVD ? I tried to download the last Win7 ISO files but not sure if that will solve the problem. The X17-58996.is didn't and I will try the X17-24208.iso tomorrow. Which one is the most recent one ? Well, thanks a lot if you can answer those few questions !
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