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  1. Thank you for your reply. As I thought there's no .cab for MSE, I also find it hard to get the latest definitions .cab files. MS offers it as .exe for offline download and install but I can't find the .cab file which is downloaded by Windows Update (KB2310138 (Definition 1.165.1048.0). Well, but that's ok since I am going to try your way. When I try to access cataloges you mention Windows says you don't have permission, but eventually lets me in and lets me copy whatever I want. Just to make sure if I got you right: the folders are: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Definition Upd
  2. Hello everyone, maybe someone has been through that and has knowledge to share is there a .cab file for mseinstall.exe (microsoft security essentials) so that I could add it to an offline image using dism ? I did some searching but found none, so I guess there's no .cab or msu for it ... ? the other thing - I suppose I could add the .exe to silent installers (with WinToolKit) but then I was wondering - is it possible to add Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials KB2310138 (Definition 1.165.1048.0) ? it is the package windows wants to download for ms security essentials
  3. Thank you guys. I installed ADK 8.0 and had more less the same problems servicing offline Win 7 image as with 8.1 plus found the very mounting/unmounting process slower than with 8.1. When I tried to use Wintoolkit on a mounted image (component removal) I had the same situation as I described in the first post (when using ADK 8.1) Also, I tried to remove components with install_wim_tweak after I mounted the image with cmd line, and the whole process of removing just froze at some time and that was it. I didn't try to remove packages with dism commands so I can't say how it works with ADK 8.0 I
  4. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anybody came across the problem I had today using wintoolkit and ADK 8.1 Preview. I have an x64 VAIO which runs Win7 SP1 x64 Ultimate, a pretty fresh install, nothing except for IE10, office 2013, 7 zip + a few required updates/hotfixes. Today I installed ADK 8.1 Preview which features the new DISM 6.3.9431.0. Installing netframework 4.5 (also a preview) was required to install ADK. I installed WinToolkit and tried to do some customizing on a win7 sp1 x64 ultimate (digital river disc). I mounted install.wim using cmd (by the way, very fast with amd64 d
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