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  1. 1. I set up a brandnew VM (VMWare-Player, XPPro with your UDP-DEU, 512mb RAM) - host was my installed XPPro (wich didn`t made the thing). No Anti_Virus was installed in the VM. 2. I set all things as you suggested (workfolder: "C:\Updates" , DXUPAC on desktop). I integrated INTL, DEU and Embedded-DEU. I did that in an older VM too. 3. DPUPAC worked on the files and copied everything correctly to "OnePiece_WinXP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_DEU" ! 4. The compression process ran for over 3 hours, even the host-system slowed down. I copied "OnePiece_WinXP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_DEU" to my host system and clo
  2. I gave it one (or 2 or 4 :-) ) more tries, it all ends with the same result. I was looking into the updatesfolder while DXUPAC was working - it seems like DXUPAC is working on all of the files, but won`t copy them to folder "OnePiece_WinXP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_DEU" (ends up at 22 MB before compressing), only the folder "Achive Files" is growing up to about 1,61 GB. So no wonder 7z is working so fast - it has just 22mb to compress. There is no wrong (ENU) updates in my source, only INTL or DEU, but it seems like DXUPAC ignores all the files. I looked into my TEMP-Folder and had a closer look at
  3. 1. I downloaded all sources again (INTL, German, Embedded German) to avoid mistakes (in fact there was no difference to the sources i used before). 2. I copied all files from the three unpacked archives into one folder (there are no subfolders in it). 3. I ran DXUPAC on this folder, after this is what happens: A UDP is created at size of 14 mb. A subfolder "OnePiece_WinXP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_DEU" at 20 mb in my sourcefolder is created like i posted before. Another subfolder "Archive Files" at 1,76 GB is created, it contains 286 subfolder named exactly like the integrated updates. What am i
  4. THX for your immidiate reply. By integration with nLite there`s a notification that this addon is not for "Deutsch" because it`s for "German" - maybe a bug within nLite. After running DXUPAC there are 2 folders inside my sourcefolder: "Archive files" and "OnePiece_WinXP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_DEU". Second folder only contais: AddOnRes.dllentries.iniNETFX11.cabNETFX11.in_NETFX20.IN_NETFX30.IN_NETFX35.IN_NETFX40.IN_OPMWXPUP.infqfecheck.exeI`ve been running DXUPAC several times, changed workingfolder (due to lenght of path), deleted several updates (due to save RAM/CPU), de/installed 7z again. I´m
  5. Hi OnePiece, thx for your fast reply. I deleleted NET 2.0 and NET 3.2 and started DXUPAC from scratch - same result: DXUPAC is working on the files and in final stage (compression) it ends after a few seconds and is builing a UDP at about 14mb. I also tried to include only the INTL-files: same result. I builded my own UDP 2 month ago and everything worked like a charm, so i`m not a newbie to your exellent tool. But this time i don`t know what`s going wrong. BTW: When i choose "Language = German" in DXUPAC, the "entries.ini" looks like this: [general]BuildDate=2014/07/24Description=OnePiece's W
  6. I downloaded INTL, DEU and Embedded DEU, put all files in one folder and started DXUPAC. It works like many times before, but when it is compressing at last, it`s done after a few seconds and the result is an UDP at about 14mb. What am i doing wrong? Upate-List: directx_Jun2010_redist.exeEUupdate.EXEIE8-WindowsXP-KB2598845-x86-DEU.exeIE8-WindowsXP-KB2632503-x86-DEU.exeIE8-WindowsXP-KB2909210-x86-DEU.exeIE8-WindowsXP-KB2936068-x86-DEU.exeIE8-WindowsXP-KB2964358-x86-custom-DEU.exeIE8-WindowsXP-KB2976627-x86-embedded-DEU.exeIE8-WindowsXP-x86-DEU.exeIMAPI_XP_SRV2003_x86_DEU.exeKB961184.exeKB9617
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