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  1. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for the problem to go unresolved for so long. On what themes does this problem exist? Thanks!
  2. No problem! On the unrelated note: Yup, sure did. Posted an update, too!
  3. What's Changed in v5.3.7.4: - Renamed SVCPACK filename from DriveSpace.exe to DriveSpc.exe. - Delete Start Menu shortcuts upon Uninstall. NOTE: I know some people may be wondering why I didn't rename the SFX to DrvSpace.exe. Well, here's the answer: The executable must shut down all other instances of Drive Space Indicator. It seems that if I name the SFX that, the whole AutoIt installer gets kinda screwed up and installation doesn't finish..... In addition, while the add-on can be used to add the latest copy of DSI to your install, it should NOT be used to update your DSI. If you do, there will be two copies of DSI in your install source and I cannot tell you which will end up installed. Thanks mooms for the bug reports! BTW, Thanks crashfly for your continued interest in this project!
  4. Holy Moley! Y'all have done some amazing work! I'll update the first post! Thanks very much!
  5. Spybot: Search and Destroy v1.6.2 Home Page: http://www.safer-net...otsd/index.html I haven't been able to find an updated add-on of SpyBot Search and Destroy. I've gotten real tired of installing SpyBot S&D, updating, then having to immunize systems after I installed operating systems on the computer. Yesterday, I thought "Why can't I write an add-on so that Spybot S&D is already installed and the system is immunized?". So here is the result of my efforts that I started yesterday. Download: Doug_SpyBotSD_v1.6.2_AddOn_v1.0.7z File Size: 25.7 MB MD5 Hash: 5D2128256A64BCAF71CA94BCD5C62761 Changelog: v1.0 - Original release of the SpyBotSD v1.6.2 True Add-On (built Oct 23, 2011) Options available in this Add-On: (1) If you don't want TeaTimer installed and running by default, remove the TeaTimer.AddReg lines from of each AddReg line under DefaultInstall and SpyBotSD. You can also remove the INF section TeaTimer.AddReg. (2) If you don't want the Explorer extensions installed, remove Explorer.AddReg on the AddReg line under DefaultInstall and SpyBotSD. You can also remove the INF section Explorer.AddReg. (3) If you don't want your system immunized by default against websites that download malicious stuff to your computer, remove the [immunize.AddReg] section of this INF, as well as the Immunize.AddReg part of each AddReg line under DefaultInstall and SpyBotSD. Beware, the Immunize.AddReg section is HUGE and responsible for most of this INF file's size. There also is a Hosts file inside this add-on that should be deleted before integration. (4) If you don't want the desktop shortcut, remove Desktop.Shortcut from the ProfileItems line in the DefaultInstall and SpybotSD sections.
  6. :doh: OH!!!!! That might explain what's happening..... Thanks, Rick!
  7. I tried to integrate this into my install and I kept getting some error about the catalogs being invalid. Removal of the add-on eliminated that error message during GUI setup..... Any advice?
  8. Rick, I hate to ask a stupid question, but your first post indicates that the add-on works with nLite but makes no mention of RyanVM Integrator. Any chance it'll work with RVMi? Thanks in advance!
  9. I've been working on other things and hadn't really given this any more thought.... I may give it another shot to implement some of the wish list that I had before I stopped working on this. I just don't know yet.... Things haven't exactly mellowed out the last two years and frankly, it's been a struggle to keep up, especially with my workplace making increased demands upon my time. But I can't complain.... a lot of people are out of work and I'm still working. That must be a good thing.... right? :g:
  10. Nah, the ability to uninstall it would be nice, but it's not necessary at the moment. But if you want to build an uninstaller for this add-on, feel free to do so! Btw, thanks for permission to post it!
  11. What's Changed in v5.3.7.3: - Updated uninstaller to remove registry settings for drive icons.
  12. Wow! Man, I've been really behind the curve lately.... Would you mind if I posted it on XPtsp.com?
  13. I've modified executable to require it to be run as an Adminstrator. Incidentally, this also makes it work 100% of the time with Windows 7 when run as an Adminstrator! I also added it to the Hardware group in the Control Panel, making it easier to navigate to when using the Categories setting in the Control Panel. Link has been updated. Sorry about the late response!
  14. Wow, that was rude.... The download links are in the first post. You know, there is a "Follow This Topic" button at the top of the screen you could press and the forum will notify you of new postings to this thread. I agree with ya on that one!
  15. Nope, none of those files need to be modded. We really aren't changing much in the operating system. The only cosmetic change that is visible to users (aside from the fact that Media Center is now present) is the fact that the System Properties box now shows Media Center Edition instead of Home Edition, and that's due to the following line:
  16. I got really bored and decided to see what I could accomplish in getting Media Center to work with XP Home Edition..... Turns out it was easier than expected. Here's the modified Entries_XP_to_MCE05.ini file (changes are in red) using the RyanVM add-on: CUSTSAT.DLL isn't installed in the eHome folder by default, hence the txtsetup_dirs and the txtsetup_files mod. The mediactr.cat and medctroc.inf entries also had to be added.The only other problem that I can foresee is the lack of drivers for the XP MCE Remote. These files can be pulled from a XP Professional disc. They are IRBUS.SYS and IRBUS.INF. I believe that I saw HID.DLL, HIDCLASS.DLL, HIDIR.SYS and HIDPARSE.SYS exist in the DRIVER.CAB of XP Home. (Source: Tech Blog) I modded a copy of XP Home with an UpdatePack and the modified MCE add-on, along with OnePiece's .NET Framework 1.1. (Yes, I forgot IE8 and WMP11!) I installed it in a VM and everything appears to work correctly. No error messages (aside from the "Your Video Card does not meet the minimum requirements" message).... Hope this helps you! EDIT: Oh, one last thing.... I really don't think that MCE will work on Starter Edition PCs because of some of the omissions/restrictions in those OSes.... So I felt comfortable doing the ExtraFileEdits to remove the Starter folder from TXTSETUP.SIF....
  17. At present moment, there is no way to change the location of the Progress Bar.
  18. Yup, the microphone is on. Work has picked up a bunch and I haven't been able to get online to do much of anything lately. I'm sorry the Task Manager report and visual theme report have gone unanswered. I'm going to try to rectify the issue soon. I also haven't gotten any notifications on new postings from WinCert. Maybe a problem with the email program or my web server. I dunno.... haven't looked into it yet. EDIT: I've modified my Wincert forum settings so that the email gets delivered to the right address.... :oops: so maybe I'll start getting mail again! I've run a test of the patcher in XP Home and can't duplicate the report that checking the "Use XP Pro visual theme" doesn't work....
  19. Since I can find nothing on how to convert XP Home Edition to XP Media Center, I don't really have much interest in messing around to see if I can get it to work at the moment. But thank you for the add-on! It is very helpful!
  20. 1) Okay, thanks.2) Huh? If MSOOBE says it is already activated, then how do I "activate again" using a MCE key? Figures it wasn;t meant for Home Edition.... Regarding the activation process, I didn't think the add-on changed things THAT MUCH.... Oh, well.... Off to find a solution....
  21. First question: Your description says it converts a Professional Edition to Media Center Edition. Can it work also with Home Edition? Second question: After integrating Media Center, have you had any difficulty validating a OEM copy of XP through Windows Update? MSOOBE says that the install has been activated, but Windows Update says that the key isn't valid for this region.... which is confusing because I've used the original install disc to install XP without issue. I've integrated user_hidden's Updatepack 20110809 into my source, in case you are interested.....
  22. Sorry about my lateness replying. I've been real busy with work lately and haven't been able to do much.... I did implement the taskmgr and regedit hex-editing in the XPtsp project.... That hex-edit is pretty cool! EDIT: I thought I had..... I looked at the source code last night and evidentally I haven't.....
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