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  1. Agreed. And thank you btw. I took the recommendation from Jeronimo's packages_xls http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/136837-windows-7-x64-vlite-extreme-removal/ that had "keep" beside a few packages. I don't need the ultimate minimalist Win7 disc, I just want to remove some of the crap.
  2. All better: preset before: ... Windows Media Center Windows Media Codec Pack Windows Media Codec Pack Encoder Windows Media Format Runtime Windows Media Player DVD Registration Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service ... preset after: ... Windows Media Center Windows Media Codec Pack Encoder Windows Media Player DVD Registration Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service ...
  3. This only happens, if you let the box "Jump over" checked (sorry, I don't know the exact word in english, in german is "Überspringen") in the windows were you put the key; I get 30 days up to activation. Maybe english "skip"? Where is this? WinToolkit or VirtualBox?
  4. Same here - 3 days before activation and have tokens.dat in the system and key activated
  5. The only way to see if this works is by re-installing then! Thank you My first post was corrected. Now, if I upgrade my hard drive or video card, is this going to fail?
  6. Okay, using: -original serial number determined by WinToolkit -<my>_Cert.xrm-ms copied to ..\sources\$oem$\$$\system32\oem\ is a no go! .xms-ms does end up in System32\oem SLMGR.VBS -ilc <PATH>\<my>_Cert.xrm-ms had a positive message about installed or registered certificate but still not genuine. slmgr.vbs -ipk KEYKE-YKEYK-EYKEY-KEYKE-YKEYK using the WinToolkit key is a no go. But slmgr.vbs -ipk KEYKE-YKEYK-EYKEY-KEYKE-YKEYK using the label product key on the bottom of the laptop gives genuine! Guys, how many times can I do this? Is there a counter in the bios counting down to "death of a laptop"? Edit- btw, this method produced a different Product ID number but still genuines with the sticker serial It is still Win7 64bit Home Premium but it was OEM_SLP and now (virtual box) it says OEM_COA_SLP.
  7. Slic Toolkit reports the same serial number as WinToolkit. So I am back to using the original serial number but I then need to add the xxx_Cert.xrm-ms file to ..\sources\$oem$\. Is that all?
  8. I removed some Windows Media Player stuff. I may need to put back something. I will keep playing and report back what works. Also, WindowsMedia11-KB928788-x64-INTL.exe updates wmdrmskd.dll. Which brings up another question, if I remove a package, when MS has an update (hotfix), will it install the files or not?
  9. Thanks Ricktendo, good to know. ei.cfg definitely says Retail not OEM; I wonder why the install and mgadiag report genuine.
  10. I did a search for Error 0xC004E003 and found nothing on the forum so I am posting this. Scenario: -you have a computer that came pre-installed with Windows -you were not provided a recovery disc -you download the legit retail version from MSoft to match your machine -WinToolkit provides you with the current Product Key, you try but it fails with: Error Code 0xC004E003 The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed. The recovery install disc and the downloaded retail iso require different product keys for activation. I found a sticker on the bottom of my laptop that has a different product key than the one it came installed with. This new product key made me genuine . I hope that this helps someone. Edit: CORRECTION Although this works in my virtual box, I was told that this is not the right way to do this. Actually the correct method won't work in a virtual box - go figure. Don't change the serial number determined by WinToolkit's Unattended Creator Don't use the serial number on the label Find a program called SLIC_ToolKit by DavidXXW V3.2 2010-02-13 SLIC_ToolKit.EXE CRC32: CBFB15C7 MD5: 589748FA6623657F542D91C6FDD7211D SHA-1: 22A1D81B6DEE6D1CD2FE13124A8DA0DC5598384C Run it - select Advanced tab - under Pkey&Cert.Valid&Backup, press Backup Copy the created <xxx>_Cert.xrm-ms to ..\sources\$oem$\$$\system32\oem\ on your WinToolkit working (Win7) directory Run WinToolkit and make the final .iso Thanks go to Ricktendo for setting me straight.
  11. At the end of the install, I get a couple of messages about unregmp2.exe: The program can't start because wmdrmskd.dll is missing from your computer. Any idea? Thank you
  12. Firstly, thank you Legolash2o for this application. I want to remove components like (for example) Windows Media Player but I still want Windows Update to automatically install hotfixes. , When a update for Windows Media Player comes along, will WMP get re-installed? If yes, then I can remove Windows Update too. But, (sorry this is outside the scope of Win Toolkit) is there another updater that automatically updates hotfixes but checks if you have the file in your system first? ie- installed Windows 7 system > update available > file(s) to be update are not in system folder > no update performed I used to integrate hotfixes into the install cd every 6 months (for my XP system) but I don't want to do that anymore.
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