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  1. Adobe_Acrobat_DC_2015.png
    Download: MEGA
    Product Name: Adobe Acrobat DC Pro
    File Name: AcrobatDCPro1500820082.exe
    Version: 15.008.20082 (Continuous)
    Size: 402 MB
    Date: 7/31/2015
    MD5: 53EBCFF436224BEEC4EC8B2E65AF9752
    Optimization: Disabled
    Caching of installer files on local drive: Disabled
    Configuring a Rights Management Server: Disabled
    Configuring WebMail profile: Disabled
    EULA: Accepted
    Default Action for Unspecified File Types: Never Launch
    Acrotray.exe runs at startup: Removed
    Product Updates: Disabled
    Upsell: Disabled
    When launching PDF in IE: Prompt to open/save
    Adobe Acrobat Document Could services: Disabled
    Adobe Send for Signature: Disabled
    Preference synchronization across devices: Disabled
    Third party connectors such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.: Disabled
    HideMenu.js: Inculded
    Default Installation
    Acrobat Language: OS Language
    MSI Interface Language: OS Language
    Desktop Shortcut: Disabled
    Install Mode: Trial
    Adobe Refresh Manager: Disabled
    Work AnyWhere: Disabled
    Acrobat documentation: Disabled
    Manually check for and install updates

    /ai2 - Default Installation (Silent)


    Custom Installation

    <AcrobatDCPro.exe> /ai3 [/q{n|b|r|f|n+|b+|b-}] [TRANSFORMS=Transforms\Lang_mst.mst] [PROPERTY=Valve]

    /ai3 - Custom Installation
    Lang_mst - The transforms will be applied for the msi and Acrobat language.
    PROPERTY - The features and other Acrobat installation options.


    Other command-line options for the Windows Installer can be applied:


    The transforms will be applied for the MSI and Acrobat language if the following Lang_mst is specified.
    Language                      Lang_mst
    Arabic                            1025
    Czech                            1029
    Danish                           1030
    German                         1031
    English                          1033
    Spanish                         1034
    Finnish                          1035
    French                           1036
    Hebrew                           1037
    Hungarian                      1038
    Italian                             1040
    Japanese                       1041
    Korean                           1042
    Norweigan                      1044
    Dutch                             1043
    Polish                             1045
    Portuguese (Brazil)        1046
    Russian                          1049
    Slovak                            1051
    Slovenian                       1060
    Swedish                          1053
    Turkish                           1055
    Ukrainian                        1058
    Chinese Simplified          2052
    Chinese Traditional         1028









    Tool for create installer

    Acrobat Customization Wizard DChttp://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5892%E2%80%8BInstEdhttp://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9769-modded-insted-151526-lzx21/7zSDhttp://7zsfx.info/en/download.html
  2. @alan_fox


    sorry for my poor english


    how did you manage to have different language in your sfx ?




    By using config.txt, e.g.


    RunProgram="jre.msi /qn "




    Title="Oracle JRE Instalación"

    CancelPrompt="¿Está seguro de que desea cancelar?"

    ExtractTitle="Extrayendo archivos"


  3. I've extracted your dual installer, and I see there are two .msis inside. I only need a 32 bit installer - is also the .msi inside repacked by you? If I apply to it specific switches for a .msi installer (/quiet etc) will it preserve your settings to disable java update? Thanks :)

    The two msi files are original from Oracle, no repack settings inside the msi.

    To disable java update, add the following switches:



    Silently install and disable java update:

    msiexec /i jre1.8.0_25.msi /qb JU=0 JAVAUPDATE=0 AUTOUPDATECHECK=0
  4. java.jpg.c6b84c3cccd8b922a16766e769762e34.jpg

    Download: RGhost , Daily Uploads
    Product Name: Java SE Runtime Environment
    File Name: jre-8u121-b13-windows-dual-r1.exe
    Version: 8.0.1210.13 (x86 + x64) [Revision 1]
    Size: 86.9 MB
    Date: 2/2/2017
    MD5: 65BF12ED2EADF212503A8F88C1A6E43B
    Virus Scan Result: VirusTotal [ 0 / 54 ]

    Disable Java Update
    Enables Java applications in the browser
    Not to reboot the system after installation
    Disallow the installer to send installation-related statistics to an Oracle server
    Stops the installer creating any start menu shortcuts
    Install x86 and x64 packages by default

    Java installation options (Run with /? to show)

    Supported SFX Language:
    Chinese - Taiwan                                 1028
    German - Germany                              1031
    Spanish - Spain (Traditional)               1034
    French - France                                  1036
    Italian - Italy                                         1040
    Japanese                                             1041
    Korean                                                 1042
    Portuguese - Brazil                              1046
    Swedish - Sweden                               1053
    Chinese - China                                   2052

    Disable extraction dialog, only install x86 packages and create start menu shortcuts.

    <jre-dual-setup.exe> /gm2 /ai NOSTARTMENU=0

    Install x86 and x64 packages, custom installation directory and disable extraction dialog.

    <jre-dual-setup.exe> /gm2 /ai INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files (x86)\Java"
    <jre-dual-setup.exe> /gm2 /ai2 INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Java"
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