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  1. Good work, I really like this program. But, the switch /NOSC does not work. It always puts a shortcut in "\Start Menu\Programs\Drive Space Indicator". It also creates a shortcut for remove dsi, but that doesn't work...... ("...Program Files\Drive Space Indicator\DrvSpace.exe \REMOVE") And, it leaves the shortcuts behind when uninstalling... When I use /SILENT /SC:'some folder' this works, no shortcut at Start Menu\Programs\Drive Space Indicator, but it does not remove the shortcuts when uninstalling....
  2. I like this program, it would be nice to see my network drives as - network drives, not as CD/DVD drives (icon no 201).... One of the network icons is no 199 (hmmm) I guess you are working on this - hope you find the answer..
  3. Like this very much, thank you all I do want to have a blue icon as well, just to have it all in the same *design". I'm no computer artist, so can anyone help me with a icon with blue instead of green? Have searched, but not yet found any. I edited the icon 107 & 118 in axialis, and managed to get a blue color on the 'RGB icons' (using Hue). Would have been nice to have all in blue. Uploaded the icons, from MrNxDmX's file, maybe someone can change the rest, or pont me to icons that replaces these ? 118.ico 107.ico
  4. Been using this for a while, and - as all your addons I've tried - it works perfectly. It would have been very nice to have a "builder" so that you could add your gadgets and create a "personal" addon for reinstall, like the one for Windows Messenger Is there a tool for this or maybe someone would like to make one - if it's possible and not too much work?
  5. Thank you very much, i will try that soon... I believed it would be easy, (everything is when you know how). That means that I can put the nt*.exe files (boot-screen) in the same cab and get them replaced also (?). That is nice..... It's a bit different in RVM integrator? Been looking at some addons that was a bit more complex, and made me unsecure.. BTW, using several of your addons, all working perfectly - thanks also for good work :thumbsup_anim:
  6. I have been looking for a addon that replaces explorer.exe, shell32.dll, msgina.dll but can't find one. I can replace them in the source, and also do it manually, but with several computers and different files for each one, this becomes annoying. Have created some simple addons, but when it comes to replacing files like this I really could need some help. I hope someone can make a addon - or show me an example on how to make this.
  7. I found addon for mediamonkey v3 on winaddons.com, and that works fine, but I want to create shortcut in another place by using /GROUP switch. When installing "manually" this works great, but when this switch is added to the entries_xx..ini, it doesn't install at all. Can not find any info on this anywhere, maybe someone here can help...
  8. That was what I believed too, but it does not work... I noticed that when you set "Save all settings to ini-file" in Options/Advanced all registry settings are deleted. I think it is related to that in some way, but I know too little about that to be sure. I will try to use registry settings, just adding som lines to the code, also the cookies to save. That will probably do the trick. It does not matter how it's done as long as it works. I will test it tonight - I think.. Any comments on the "registry-theory"? Again, you addon-builders do a great job, btw. any chance for a verson of nLite plus with vLite integrated? Would be nice "all-in-one"...
  9. I use many of your addons, all of them works perfectly. Thanks for good work to you - and all others who make addons. I would like to add the file ccleaner.ini to the addon, I have some cookies I always "use" and want to prevent them from being deleted. Tried to add this file in the cab and in the ccleaner.inf, it gets copied to the disk, but the file contains the contents of the ccleaner.inf file. Can you please tell me how to add this file the correct way? I hope that it's OK to do it this way.. Added filname to these sections, but this was obviously not enough... [sourceDisksFiles] CCleaner.exe=1 history.txt=1 uninst.exe=1 winapp.ini=1 ccleaner.ini=1 [Prog.Files] CCleaner.exe history.txt uninst.exe winapp.ini ccleaner.ini
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