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  1. I have plenty of laptops to test it on. Thanks though. I will try to get my .ini file up on here. So it's most likely one of the updates I tried to intergrate?
  2. Sorry if this is not the right thread/forum. I've been trying to create a succesful image for a few days now... and I haven't ben able to. I was using an older program last week called RT7, which hasn't been kept up with very well... Anyways I decided to get WinToolKit a go. I used it to download a fresh SP1 X64 English disc, along with all of the updates I need to make imaging faster. I've burnt a few discs and used USBs thinking maybe that was the problem but it seems to be something else. I get an error or message about the end of the windows 7 installtion. Check Copying Windows Files Check Expanding Windows Files Check Installing Features Check Installing Updates - Completing installion..... This is where I get the error, A prompt pops up about WinToolKit looking for installion files? It usually fails about an hour later. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Do i have to have WinToolkit added to the usb for it to complete the installtion? The Fail message isWindows could not configure one or more system components. To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation.TL;DR Having an error at the end of completing installtion - Looking for WinToolkit installtion Files. Read Fail Msg. 2013-05-22_19-38-00.ini
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