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  1. Good Morning ! Ive tried to delete the config but the problem is not fixed. Before i uninstall and reinstall the great Sidebar, i have allready a question: what must i do to get the de_DE sp1 sidebar also working on my win
  2. Hmm its seems the new sidebar is very buggy - If i exit them because it slow down my computer if i play games. And i start it again, the sidebar report an error : Sidebar experienced a problem with one of the gadgets in the list below. Try to find . . . but the list is empty lol Is that because i use the english sidebar on my german
  3. Im also interested to this =) That would be cool
  4. thx Rick - and btw : good German you have write :thumbsup_anim:
  5. If I understand the 22 pages correct : The Sidebar has nothing to do with the uninstall issue - thats a problem with the alky tools and it will be fixed in v 1.1 ( hope i dont write trash hehe )
  6. This solution is also posted in this thread - one 1 of the 20 sites ^^
  7. Thx for Help ! It works now, thats very useful.
  8. thx for this useful Addon ! It dont runt on my win
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