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  1. Wow... Is there anything this Toolkit can do? Not even integrating language packs works. Well, I'm giving up. Igave this program more than a second chance. I'm back to typing commands. At least that's more reliable than this.
  2. Any progress here? Got the same problem. English just won't show up while all the other langauge packs work just fine.
  3. I didn't expect german names. There aren't even any german names for that matter. They didn't get translated in germany. The english setup shows (for example): Windows 7 Home Premium The german shows: Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM x86 All caps, no space, architecture tacked at the end even though it has it's own column to the right What I expected: Windows 7 Home Premium
  4. I took a x86 install.wim and integrated the x86 language packs. Then I took a x64 install.wim and integrated the x64 language packs there too. After that I combined them to an AIO wim. The problem with the missing setup language selection didn't occur here. I could try to combine x86 and x64 first and then add the language packs just to see if that caused the problem. But that'd take painfully long again.
  5. Yet another problem. The display name and display description seem normal in the AIO Creator. And they look normal when selecting english as setup language: But that's what happens if you choose german: I used a Windows 7 Professional x86 and x64 ISO, integrated the language packs and combined them after that.
  6. The problem didn't occur when I integrated the language packs first and combined them after that. I could test again what happens if I combine them first and integrate the packs alter. But that would take a whole day again. I kind of wanted to save time with this. Instead I ended up investing enough time to install windows and download updates for a hundred times...
  7. So apparently it's caused by a language pack or a certain number of language packs. I assume nobody knows which exactly so that I may be spared from figuring it out myself by adding one language pack at a time. That'll take hours...
  8. I'm missing something obvious here. The first AIO I created for testing purposes only contained a few updates and language packs. When installing I was asked to select a language two times. The frist for the setup langauge and the second for the langauge of windows. Now I'm creating a "true" AIO (just for the sake of doing it) with just about everything I could think of. All editions, x64, x86, all updates, all language packs, all local packs and some USB 3.0 drivers. But now it only asks me for the langauge of windows during setup. The setup itself is english (as I used an english ISO as basis). What am I missing?
  9. It is possile. The second screenshot is from an AIO DVD I created myself ages ago with tons of commands.
  10. I integrated a x64 WIM into a x86 WIM and unlocked all versions. During install it shows up like this: http://i.imgur.com/aoYQm5B.jpg But I'd rather have it sorted like this (reversed order would be even better): http://i.imgur.com/KhrU29m.jpg But I couldn't find any option do to so.
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