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  1. Hi all! I have added some printer drivers to my Windows 7 Pro Image, but when I try to install any of the printers I included the drivers on my PC it won't be automatically detect the printer model, also the drivers are not even listed on the manufacturers' printer list. How is driver integration supposed to work? Thanks.
  2. That made the trick! Thank you Kelsenellenelvian.
  3. Hi all, I have being playing around with the WinToolkit for a while. With a new Windows 7-SP1 installation a made with an ISO I customized using WinToolkit, I am not able to access any computer on my LAN by using: \\computername or \\COMPUTER-IP. So far everything else seems to be working properly. What part of my settings might be causing this issue? Attached: Session.ini and Screenshot. Thanks. 2013-07-04_19-14-11_2013-07-04_19-14-11.ini
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