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  1. OnePiece Thanks buddy, thats exactly I was looking for grrrr8 job :thumbsup_anim:
  2. hey thanks Is it the final build Internet Explorer 8 RTM or still RC1 ? and why the size is only 11mb where as the official has download size approx 16 mb?
  3. hey I was looking for this addon all over the net,but its in Turkish,will it work with English Lang,if not,Than can you make one for english Language. Ty
  4. hmmm ! The installers name is pretty long something 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Wise Installation Wizard\WIS0E6AB9FC76C2431B9C066C1CFFFEA8EB_7_0_1_2' Shud I copy and paste the installers with original name or Rename it ? Sorry, for my bugging you again n again,but all I'm trying here is 'How to make silent Installers and nlite addons ? :help:
  5. Nopes !!! Can't get it to work.I did what you said above,7ziped all the installer files +MSI+MST (NoLic),edit the config.txt file accordingly,drag & dropped,it created an AdwarePr.MSI installer (7z Setup sfx). tried to integrate through nlite,no go ? recieved an error "error during execution 'AdwarePr.MSI /qn TRANSFORMS=NoLic.mst' The system cannot find the file specified" I know,I must be doing wrong somewhere ? but what & where ?, kindly help me. I have tried like more than ten times,but with same results Secondly,tried the other method & tutorial,now there are many versions of
  6. Now,I have followed all the instructions,but when addon is placed in the driver update in nlite,it doesn't install,what I'm doing wrong here. It's little confusing to me,as to,where I actually place the 'NoLic.mst' ?,secondly,after extraction and replacement of 3 files,as explained above,do I have to repack it or ? or how do I again create a silent inataller with the extracted msi folder. I'll just explain here a little what I have done:- 1. Extracted MSI (WISDED53B0BB67C4244AE6AD6FD3C28D1EF_7_0_2_5.MSI) to a folder containing the following :- 3 folders (Application Data,Program Files,Window
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