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  1. Thanks buddy. I came to know about this forum only from you. Nice to see you here as a mod.
  2. Hi guys Although I'm sure most of the members here know about Resource Hacker and use it but I'll like to share my Resource Hacker tutorial with you all. May be you guys will like it. Resource Hacker is a tool to hack Windows system files. You can edit system files and change the look of dialog boxes, menus and many other things the way you like. Following are a few screenshots of a few interesting hacks which can be done using Resource Hacker: Above are just a few examples. You can use Resource Hacker for changing almost everything you want. I have posted my resource hacker tutorial at my site, I got a gr8 response from ppl in various forums. So pls take a look at the tutorial and lemme know how is it? If you want to ask anything, feel free to ask. All About Resource Hacker in a brief Tutorial To read all resource hacker tutorials: All Resource Hacker Tutorials
  3. Since we all know that Windows Vista has been released but its too costly to purchase. The most interesting thing in Vista is its look, new icons, cursors, theme, sounds, login screen, boot screen, etc. So I'm posting this tutorial to make our existing Windows XP to look-a-like Windows Vista. Yes! There are lots of Vista Transformation packs available on net but I never use them because they slow down the windows and also install a few 3rd party utilities. So its better to do all the things manually. In this tutorial, I'll tell you about how to make following things to look-a-like Vista: Visual style (or theme) Boot screen Login screen Sounds Mouse Cursors Windows Icons Windows Explorer Progress dialog box Shutdown/log off dialog box About Windows box System Properties dialog box Windows Classic Startmenu Left-side Image and Start button Logo and a few other things So here we go: Transform Windows XP in Windows Vista without Customization pack VistaVG_styler_skin.rar
  4. wow. Thanks for this warm welcome. I'm sure I'll enjoy the forum and will share my tutorials, themes in coming days.
  5. Hi guys I'm Vishal Gupta. I'm new member here so thought of introducing myself. I came to know about this forum from "Rick". So today I decided to register here and now I'm a proud member here. I'm a Microsoft MVP in Windows : Shell/User. You can look at my profile: My MVP Profile I hope you guys will like my stay here and me too will enjoy the forum. One thing I have to say. The forum skin rocks. Specially the Tab feature. Its awesome. I really liked it. Thanks.
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