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  1. Login screen - %windir%\system32\logonui.exe Boot screen - %windir%\system32\NToskrnl.exe First you'll have to compress the file as you can see in "I386" folder of XP Setup, all EXE, DLL, etc files are compressed having "DL_", "EX_" extensions. Once you have compressed them, you can simply replace existing files in I386 folder with your hacked one. There is a file "makecab.exe". That can do the job. Search for it.
  2. I'm using "Reflection Blue" skin atm and it also have the same problem. I was going to create a thread about it but I found this thread. I think there is an option in ACP to disable it.
  3. Here is another new theme for Windows Vista: Feature List & Instructions Download Link I hope you'll like the theme. Comments are welcome.
  4. Guys! Its a very simple and minimal wallpaper created by me. I hope u guys will like it. Download Here
  5. Hi guys I have created a few themes for Windows XP and lots of ppl liked them. So here I'm sharing with you all and I hope you guys will also like them: VistaVG Ultimate for Windows XP: Download VistaVG Ultimate Theme for Windows XP VistaVG Black for Windows XP: Download VistaVG Black Theme for Windows XP VistaVG Blue for Windows XP: Download VistaVG Blue Theme for Windows XP I hope you guys will like these themes.
  6. Guys Recently I released 2 skins for Sony Ericsson Cell Phones. One for "SE k700i" and other for "SE w810" which will also work for lots of other SE models, like SE k750, etc. Preview: Download Here I hope you guys will like them.
  7. @Rick Exactly. And I never faced this problem in any forum using IPB except this forum and Joejoe (I have disabled this option long time back there), so that means most of the IPB forums keep this option disabled bcoz there are many members using dial-up connections. @N1k This option records the IP address too and when a user using dial-up gets disconnected, his IP address is also changed bcoz dial-up ISP don't provide static IP addresses.
  8. I'm on dial up connection and if I got disconnected accidentally, the forum logs me out and I have to re-login. Its a known issue in IPB which occurs due to the option I mentioned.
  9. Hi guys Can you pls disable "Create a stronghold auto-log in cookie?" option in ACP? ACP -> Tools & Settings -> Cookies It creates problems. If you get disconnected, the forum forgets you even you had selected "Remember Me" checkbox and you have to login again.
  10. Yeah. Actually I made these themes for Vista Basic users who can't use Aero and are limited to the default basic theme. Some ppl wanted Luna like theme and some wanted dark theme. So I made both. I'm going to release a theme only for Aero users very soon.
  11. Guys Recently I released 2 themes for Windows Vista: Vista Blue Theme: Vista Black Theme: Both themes will work in Windows Vista. There is also a version included for Vista Basic users in each theme. I hope you guys will like the themes. Download Links: Download Vista Blue Theme Here Download Vista Black Theme Here
  12. Hi guys In this tutorial, I'll tell about various system files in Windows Vista, which can be hacked using Resource Hacker / Resource Tuner to change the look of Windows dialog boxes, menus, login screen, boot screen and many other things. So here we start the tutorial: Above are the new system files/locations in Windows Vista which were not present in earlier versions, like XP. But if you want to change look of various dialog boxes like RUN, Progress, System Properies, Startmenu and Taskbar Properties, etc. Then you'll have to edit the same system files which you used to edit in Windows XP.
  13. Guys! This tutorial is meant for increasing the performance of Windows XP, either it can be a fresh installed windows or an old windows. Actually these r some tips/tricks, which I always apply whenever I do a fresh installation of windows. So here I
  14. 1. What is a Theme/Visual Style? Are both same or is there any difference between them? => NO! Visual Style & Theme are not same. But many people use these words in same manner. Actually Visual Style has extension .msstyles, while a theme has extension .theme. You can find Visual Styles in Appearance tab of Display Properties: While Theme are presented in Themes tab: Visual Style is the main file, which skins all parts of windows, like border, titlebar, buttons, etc. And a theme file stores all settings, like icons, wallpaper, etc along with the visual style. 2. When I opened Di
  15. Vishal Gupta


    lol scary wallpaper and nice smilies.
  16. Guys! I have seen lots of members starting new threads for already discussed problems. We always ask them to search in forum or post the existing thread links. So I decided to make this thread. I searched the forum and tried my best to cover all frequently asked problems with their solutions. I request all members to go through this thread first and then post their problems. All problems covered in this thread: 1. Task Manager/Registry Editor/Tools -> Folder Options disabled. 2. Search window opens while double-clicking on drives. 3. "Cannot find copy.exe" Error while double-clicking on
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