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  1. nLite says "Windows Media Player 6.4" is needed for "Windows Media Player". Is it really ok to remove WMP6.4?
  2. You never heard of SiteAdvisor? http://www.siteadvisor.com/
  3. Ive gotten high memory usage just not that high. Two suggestions: *Uninstall Firefox, delete your profile, and start fresh with Firefox *Try the tips on this page: Reducing memory usage - Firefox
  4. Try this: Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook If that doesnt work, you could probably use a program like FreePOPs to download hotmail using Outlook.
  5. 1. Have you already contacted Nuno Brito, the developer of addons2wpi? 2. see if this thread helps: [help] install "cab" via WPI
  6. TeraCopy 1.22: http://www.msfn.org/board/Release-TeraCopy-122-t105736.html
  7. My CD currently has these addons: xable-SP2-UpdatePack-January-v3.0.7a.7z xable_WGAV-v1.2_addon.cab Xable_QFECHECK-v1.1_addon.cab OnePiece_IE7AddOn_1.9.3_ENU.7z DirectX9.0cNovember2007AddOn0.3.4CNC.7z RogueSpearAddonsUpdate_1.1.1.7z RogueSpearAddonsDotNET20SP1.zip ace_utilities- Kels_AutoPlay_addon_v5.2.3790.67.CAB Kels_XPero_eXPander_addon_v1.5.cab FastStone_Capture_59.cab Fonts_AddOn.rar Halite-0302d.cab IEPlus-150.cab Ricks_Imageshackert0.5.1_AddOn.rar InfoTag_Magic.cab jane_v155_NLiteAddOn.cab Kels_Synesis_Run_v2.0.2.32_addon.CAB Kels_PowerMenu_v1.5.1_addon_uninstallable.CAB
  8. Hey rick, if you do this for multiple addons would you put each addons files in the same i386 folder?
  9. Damn Im late but Happy Birthday Rick!
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