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  1. nLite says "Windows Media Player 6.4" is needed for "Windows Media Player". Is it really ok to remove WMP6.4?
  2. You never heard of SiteAdvisor? http://www.siteadvisor.com/
  3. Ive gotten high memory usage just not that high. Two suggestions: *Uninstall Firefox, delete your profile, and start fresh with Firefox *Try the tips on this page: Reducing memory usage - Firefox
  4. Try this: Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook If that doesnt work, you could probably use a program like FreePOPs to download hotmail using Outlook.
  5. 1. Have you already contacted Nuno Brito, the developer of addons2wpi? 2. see if this thread helps: [help] install "cab" via WPI
  6. TeraCopy 1.22: http://www.msfn.org/board/Release-TeraCopy-122-t105736.html
  7. My CD currently has these addons: xable-SP2-UpdatePack-January-v3.0.7a.7z xable_WGAV-v1.2_addon.cab Xable_QFECHECK-v1.1_addon.cab OnePiece_IE7AddOn_1.9.3_ENU.7z DirectX9.0cNovember2007AddOn0.3.4CNC.7z RogueSpearAddonsUpdate_1.1.1.7z RogueSpearAddonsDotNET20SP1.zip ace_utilities- Kels_AutoPlay_addon_v5.2.3790.67.CAB Kels_XPero_eXPander_addon_v1.5.cab FastStone_Capture_59.cab Fonts_AddOn.rar Halite-0302d.cab IEPlus-150.cab Ricks_Imageshackert0.5.1_AddOn.rar InfoTag_Magic.cab jane_v155_NLiteAddOn.cab Kels_Synesis_Run_v2.0.2.32_addon.CAB Kels_PowerMenu_v1.5.1_addon_uninstallable.CAB ProgramAddons Firefox ProgramAddons Foobar 0.9.5.cab ProgramAddons HashTab 2.0.8.cab ProgramAddons IcoFX 1.5.01.cab ProgramAddons Infra Recorder 0.44.1.cab ProgramAddons KMPlayer ProgramAddons nLite 1.4.1.cab ProgramAddons Notepad++ 4.7.5.cab ProgramAddons Orbit Downloader 2.6.1.cab ProgramAddons SumatraPDF 0.8.cab ProgramAddons Unlocker 1.8.5.cab ProgramAddons WinRAR 3.71.cab ProgramAddons XnView 1.92.1.cab ProgramAddons_Inkscape_0.45.1.cab ProgramAddons_RocketDock_1.3.5.cab Register_AddOn.zip Gorki_AddOn_TeraCopy_191207.cab Ricks_UbuntuHumanCursors_AddOn.rar Ricks_USD1.3.4.92_AddOn.rar Ricks_XnView1.7ShellExt_AddOn.7z Ricks_CapOCR1.7.8.10_AddOn_80121.rar Theres also a few programs installed using WPI.
  8. Hey rick, if you do this for multiple addons would you put each addons files in the same i386 folder?
  9. Damn Im late but Happy Birthday Rick!
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