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  1. Hey guys, still no fix for this problem??
  2. I tested the x86 updates now, again all updates integrated fine except KB2919355
  3. Also make sure you integrate those first, before any other updates. Yup I put them in that order, and I added them first before the other updates. The first update KB2919442 took about a minute to integrate, while the second one KB2919355 which is the biggest update took less than a second.
  4. Hey guys, I'm using Win Toolkit v. I just downloaded the latest April updates and tried to integrate them to my windows 8.1 x64 iso. All updates integrated fine with the green tick appearing next to each update, but I noticed that update KB2919355 only took a second or two to be integrated which is strange as the file is 690 MB in size. After everything was done, I didn't find it listed among the installed updates list. Anyway I made an iso of the new wim and tested it on a vm, and all updates were installed except this update..... Any ideas??
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