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  1. This script removes any locked directory, run as Administrator with script.cmd "dir to delete". @echo off takeown /F %1 /R icacls %1 /T /Q /grant "%UserName%":f del /f/s/q %1 > nul rmdir /s/q %1
  2. Rebuild the image with RT Seven Lite and it works again, WinToolKit sometimes forget files or registry keys.
  3. This guide provides a valuable assistance in slimming Windows installation using WinToolKit and RTSevenLite. Before begin, type diskmgmt.msc in StartMenu and add a new NTFS partition with at least 20GB where extract the Windows 7 DVD, WinToolKit and RTSevenLite. This allow us to have a clean file system to format quickly in case of bugs or power loss. Start RTSevenLite and set temporary directory into new partition, then choice source directory and remove features as is in RT7Lite.txt. Don't forget to setup Un-Attended! For last, start WinToolKit, set temporary directory as before, and remov
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