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  1. The component remover isn't removing packages from my Windows 10 Enterprise 1151 image. I open up the component remover and tell it remove the desired packages, but nothing happens. Why is that? How can this be fixed?
  2. ImgBurn does everything, but it's not open source
  3. How is this repack different from the official installer?
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  5. You most likely did, but I just want to make absolutely sure, did you integrate the extension pack into this installer? And is it silent or have a silent switch?
  6. I wish you would work on it. I checked out the linked tool and most of the tool is in what I think is Chinese. I'm not sure all the Asian languages look the same to me.
  7. ptd163


    One of my friends uses Whatbox and he's had no problems with it. https://whatbox.ca/plans
  8. The bottom part is in English. Look for @non-french users :
  9. So if your installer is the most recent, how recent is Burfadel's installer?
  10. I would say keep it lifetime. There will always be piracy, but Netflix, and Spotify have proven that most people will pay for convenience and quality.
  11. I think uTorrent was caught trying to install a crypto-currency miner on people's computers. Even if they did take out they've become bogged down by ads and other crap. I recommend using qBittorent. It's open source, ad-free, does everything uTorrent does, and is available from Ninite
  12. Looks interesting. I'll definitely be trying it out once Windows 10 reachs GA.
  13. When attempting to install the repack with silent install switches in setupcomplete.cmd I get this error message.
  14. Is it possible to repack drivers? Specifically Intel's network adapter drivers for Windows 7 x64 https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=18713
  15. Yeah it would be awesome for WTK 1.5.x, but I think Lego said that because his future depends on 2.x, 1.5.x will be bug fixes only.
  16. When starting WTK it says an error log has been uploaded. Then when trying to load the update cache from the tools manager it says another error log has been uploaded. My updateCache.db And the Log IDs 1xE2D811AEEC8CFA66AA57F586152675CE_frmStartup_en-US_230844 1xE2D811AEEC8CFA66AA57F586152675CE_frmToolsManager_en-US_387349
  17. Yes install.esd is possibe with Windows 7. abbodi1406 has created a script over at MDL to convert WIM to ESD and vice-versa. Then from I've heard you need to use the Windows 8.x setup environment, but instead you use your converted Windows 7 WIM. At least that's how it's worked for me in the past.
  18. HashTab has a normal setup and a commercial setup. Which one has the silent switch? Btw, if my reply on the topic itself wasn't even enough, thanks for the repack. I really appreciate it.
  19. OK then. Just a repack of MagicISO and MagicDisc then.
  20. Could someone make a repack of the newest versions MagicISO and MagicDisc with an option for silent install? HashTab (also with an option for silent install) would also be nice because the addon in the Win Toolkit section isn't working for me.
  21. Of course. I completely understand. It was a foolish decision on my part to not use a official Microsoft ISO to demonstrate the bug. The important thing is that the bug is now known.
  22. When unmounted WTK reports the image is a 64 bit. But when the image is mounted it reports the image is 32 bit.
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