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  1. Thanks, crashfly. I realized this. The problem with your suggestion is the size of final ISO. After integrating Windows updates and MS-Office with updates, I get an ISO about 10Gb. Don`t fit in a single DVD (my goal is a single DVD). R7L reduces the size of the WIM in anyway I don`t know how (just to know, after removing features with R7L, the inital WIM is about 1Gb, against 2Gb with WTK). Anyway, I`m leaving R7L. But... If WTK can`t reduce the size of final WIM, how I can do this? And how to remove features manually (I mean, with DISM)? Just to explain how I`m doing the DVD with WTK: 1. Export Win7 Professional; 2. Remove components; 3. Install it on VM; 4. After install, when it asks for user and computer name, I press SHIFT+F3; 5. Install and setup everything I want (only MS-Office and updates); 6. Capture the image with imagex. Thanks in advice.
  2. Thanks... there another way to do this? I tried some DISM commands, but I don't find a way to remove some features, it don't appears with the command /get-features!
  3. Good mornig! I'm having a problem when I try to use Win Toolkit with RT7 Lite. I get a "corrupt file" error message at the end of instalation. What I'm doing (all tests are made in VirtualBox): Export the WIM image I want (Professional, in this case) from DVD with WTK, and creat a ISO. I test this ISO on a VM and installation finished without errors. Then, again with WTK, I remove components, make a new ISO and test again. Installation sucessfully. Now, I get the WIM and open it with RT7 Lite. Remove components, make other ISO and test. Now, I get the message saying a file is corrupt, and installation cannot continue. So, I invert the process. Open the original ISO with RT7, select Professional, remove components, create a ISO (all proccess in a "one-step, because RT7 don't export images, it only save the image you select at start). So, I test it on VM. Installation OK. Then I get the WIM generated by RT7 (a lot smaller, BTW), open in WTK, remove some more components, make a new ISO and test. Again, error about file corrupted. What I'm doing wrong?? I don't want a unattended installation or a pre-configured windows. Just a installation without some features I don't use here at work. Thanks in advice!
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