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  1. welcome nonno fabio!!! I love your update pack and I am using update pack from 1.1 on ryanvm.net thanks
  2. yeah i am 100% agree with RUD because it is not easy to find out other customization.So,Please bober try to update your first with the passage of time.
  3. No one is interested in my question??? Guys plz help me.
  4. Hi.ricktendo64 first of all i couldn't understand your point "all .cur". then i patched user32.dll but my setup hangs at registering files and sends a message access valuation address in user32.dll. where i am wrong. thnks for gudiness.
  5. Thanks Dave3737 Can you tell me that which line should be hacked and now i am using XN res editor.Is it correct
  6. Hello everybody. I want to change default cursor for xp gui mod setup. How can i do it????
  7. hi orbit30 I want to add your boot screens in my xp sp3 5512 cd. which one is for mine???
  8. Yes I am also having problems to download this one.Please put it on anywhere else.
  9. Hi bober I have an XP SP2 source and sp3 file from Microsoft. Now first i integrate sp3 over sp2 source and then slipstream xpsp3 onepeice aio upate pack. Then i use nlite for customizations and finally an ISO. Can you help me that after which stage should i use your xp theme patcher
  10. Friends. I have a question that how can i set an image as background in cd??? I have set picture as background with "desktop.ini" but burning with nlite removes it? Where i am wrong??Please help me.
  11. Oj thanks to all. cclO.Farah Khan is my love and i am 100% working fo him.Are you muslim?Please PM me.
  12. Hello everybody. I have a request to addon makers that you should add info in your addon post that this addon is compatible with nlite or RVMi. Thanks in advance
  13. hello Bober. I mean when we insert cd and press any key, then loading files blue screen where "Windows setup" is written upside????
  14. Friends How can i change blue color of xp setup screen? can anybody help me??????????
  15. Hello every body. I want to make a ghost image of win xp sp3 that can be run on every type of system.Please tell me in detail and in simple English because i am form Pakistan.
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