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  1. Good luck on your degree and congratulations, I'm sure the entire WinCert community looks forward to having you back among us!

  2. Huzzah! Sort of. I managed to build it with just one (out of 3) images, (Ultimate) which made it take, instead of 15+ on the laptop and something like 8 on the desktop, just over 2.5 hours. I stripped out the AMD Filter driver which helped with the bluescreens right after install. I installed to a Vbox, and it installed, rebooted, installed completely, then started up. It works without any problems, amazingly. I start it, let it run, do things, shut down - it's a little slow to shut down but hey it's a vbox. It's when it runs on a separate PC, the one that I first tested it on, (a tower with 3.0 quad core AMD CPU and 4GB RAM), that something odd happens. It installs just fine, boots fine, but then shutting down is an issue - it sits on shutting down. Now I know the computer itself will shut down properly as there's an existing install of W7 on another partition, shuts down just like any other computer. Anyone had this? EDIT: Oh it gets even better. Sometimes it shuts down, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it boots, sometimes it hangs on the Windows screen without "logging in" or anything, but has mouse. Good lord. The vbox behaves fine, I'm concerned it's my machine in this instance, because the vBox I can start up, shut down, and a million other tasks. What I can't do... is anything properly useful with the vbox.
  3. On the not-working PC, have you verified the boot order to include the optical/dvd drive before the hard drive?
  4. So, I managed to rebuild, and fixed several issues. First: I used a desktop PC with a 2-core CPU with a higher clock speed (laptop is i5 4-core 2.6 or something, dekstop is a 3.1 2-core i3 or something). Second: I did only the "recommended" updates from McRip. Third: I did only a subset of drivers (Chipset, LAN, WLAN, Mass Storage I think), and of those only the All and Win7 groups. Total disc size 4,677 mill rather than 4,800 mill... meaning JUST inside DVD-5 space. burned great, everything seems good. Installing to a separated partition on a computer, it goes from disc fine no errors, tries to boot from drive, get windows logo and the four quadrants flying together then get a SUPERFAST bsod (no chance to see hwat it says) then loop after over and over... Any ideas? ----- Edit: So, it's probably my build. Tried it on a VBox, got past the c225 error but got a 7b stop code at the same point I was getting the BSOD on the other machine. On the original computer, tried a Win 7 SP1 clean ISO, it installed just fine. :'( No idea what the cause is. Was anyone aware of certain updates that didn't integrate right that WTK still integrates anyhow? Edit 2: Determined from some other forums and posts that the driverpacks are likely to blame. In general, there's an AMD Filter driver which is prone to BSODs, so I scrapped that one. It doesn't seem like Boot integration is an issue (the disc boots) so I'm gonna try it without the filter driver, and failing that I'll take out the mass storage drivers (though I'd rather not).
  5. well after about 15.5 hours it told me it was on rebuilding the WIM image. At that time I glanced at my driver folder and realized I had included the Vista, Server, and Win8 drivers as well. Could have at least saved myself a little time, and space -- turns out the ISO, when built, is 4,800,000,000 bytes (about 100 million more than fits on a DVD-5). Probably just going to say to heck with it and use a DL disc and try it out. Gives me a chance to make a disc with the extras for installers (while integrated installs are nice, it's sometimes better to just have the installers available to install after).
  6. So new poster, new stuff, all that love. I started out with an SP1 MSDN downloaded ISO of ultimate. 7-Zip to extract the ISO out to folder, deleted ei.cfg. Tried stuff with RT7Lite and all it did was create a bigger ISO that had no network drivers whatsoever... somehow. Found WT, it looked more updated and more likely to work. First used Windows Update Downloader but that had so many weird things going on I nuked it. Used WT it got to McRip (apparently) and downloaded some 403 updates (!!!). Got driverpacks, got way too many of those, some like 800+ drivers now in folders. Started on the disc, told it to delete home basic (I have no need of that) and select the remaining three. (Home P, Pro, Ult). Set up to integrate those 400 updates and 800 drivers, figured it'd be about 4-5 hours to run max. After about 4 hours, come back, have to clear some HDD space while it's integrating (wow it used a lot of space), but no errors show up. Then I see it's on image 1 of 3. Now it's on image 2 of 3 and starting over pretty much - is it seriously going to integrate all these updates and drivers into each image separately? There isn't a way to have it integrate into all 3 in one step? Finally, I see stuff on here about updates not working right, etc. When I integrated drivers in WT it showed some as pre-requisites, and I assumed that meant all was good. Long story short: Should I just hit cancel, wipe out what I've done so far, and seriously rethink the project of having an updated and drivered AIO Win7 disc? Or at least do a lot of research to find out what drivers to kill? Is there a better way for any of these steps?
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