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  1. HI all, sry for waiting. The Problem is... ...there are so many Files, Drivers etc. with no Description so i don't know: "Can i Delete this files" or "Should they Stay" A long time ago i've build a lite Version of Vista? i think so. But it was not so good still about 2-3GB And the Second Version doesnt work. Now i've searched the whole Internet for this but i didnt found anything about Extreme Lite Tutorials or other Stuff...
  2. Hi all, i want to lite my Windows7 to the max... I only want the System and an Internet-Connection. All other Stuff can be removed. It is possible to create this with wintoolkit? Example: - Windows Themes, Screensavers, Wallpapers etc.. REMOVE - Windows Games, Helptools, Guides, Mediaplayer, Mediacenter etc. REMOVE - All Drivers except the drivers i need for my PC That i only have the basics, the System and an working InternetConnection Hope you could help me
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