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  1. Thanks for the reply, Thiersee. You can see my before and after screens below. So are you saying that the extra 5 themes that get added automatically (Australia, Canada, U.K., S. Africa and U.S.) are part of the original, untouched W7SP1 ISO? In the past I've used RT 7 Lite to integrate updates and none of these themes were added. Below you can see the difference between the RT 7 Lite and Win Toolkit: Maybe I should put it like this. I want to use Win Toolkit to create a Windows 7 SP1 Image that DOESN'T include the Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa themes. I also don't want a second copy of the United States theme. (I just now saw that there are two of those.) Surely this is possible?
  2. Hi, and thanks for the tool, Legolash2o! I've just started using it, and so far only for integrating hotfixes. My question is, how/why do I end up with 11 Themes I haven't added? Where do they come from? I'll step through it and you can tell me where I go wrong. 1. 7-zip - extract original W7-SP1 ISO to folder 2. 7-zip - unzip fresh copy of latest Win Toolkit 3. Run it, go to Main, click on All-In-One Integrator 4. Browse for DVD / Folder and open extracted W7SP1 folder I created in step 1 5. Select Windows 7 Ultimate and Continue (No Preset) 6. Click on Basic tab and then on Updates + Languages 7. Add updates and click Start. All I'm integrating are Security and Non-Security updates as well as IE10. I've weeded out all the updates that don't want to integrate - everything's nice and green when it's finished. 8. After everything integrates it takes me to the integrate tab. There I have Updates + Languages (157), Drivers (2) and Themes (11). Why do I have Drivers and Themes tabs? Is there some way to get rid of them before I make my ISO? I mean, I know it doesn't really matter. So what if I have a few extra themes I don't want. It's just that it strikes me as kind of odd behaviour and I'd like to understand what's going on, as much as my underwhelming brain is able!! :-) Thanks!
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